Week 1 of Triathlon/Marathon training! 1

Monday – 12 mile bike ride with Tammy, followed by a 4 mile run. I thought that when I got off the bike and started my run, that my legs would be so dead that I would be “running” a 20:00 pace. But nope. It was quite the opposite – I think my legs still felt like they were pedaling, so they just naturally went faster. I’ll take it! Then I came home and did […]

In a nutshell. 1   Recently updated !

My life. Sometimes normal. Sometimes not.  But who is to say what normal really is anyway?! This is our normal. I spent roughly 12 hours of my life researching, and looking for, vegan swimmer’s shampoo. Ya. Twelve hours (Or maybe it was 2 hours..?) of my life I can never get back. Spent on thinking about shampoo…I mean, never mind the fact that most of those 12 (ish) hours were spent during work hours… Anyway, I didn’t […]

Tri anyone?? 2

That’s right folks – movin’ on to another challenge! I mean, I’m not really “moving on” from running and races…more like, “adding on” just one more challenge. 😉 In case ya missed it, I’m signed up for a sprint tri on July 24th. Doing a triathlon has been on my radar for,….ohhhhh….I’m not even kidding, 20 years??? In high school, I remember reading an article about a girl who did the Kona Ironman, and after reading […]

Week of workouts – NON “training mode”.

Monday – The Hus and I started over from day 1 of Hammer & Chisel, so we did Chisel Balance. And then right after that, I loaded my bike in my car And met Tammy at Antrim for our first “tri training ride”! It went…well? I mean, I haven’t ridden my bike in over a year (or more??), and she just got her bike over the weekend, so this was more of a trial ride, […]