It’s about that time.

I started packing last night. And I have about 10 outfit combo’s for race day so far…too few? Should I pack more options?? Am I limiting myself “the morning of”??? These are the difficult questions keeping me up at night this week. After I had “a few” things laid out, I checked the weather… Good golly. Wwwwwhhhhhyyyyyy is race packing more stressĀ than, say, running a marathon?! This isn’t the first time that rain was in […]

I interrupt your morning to bring you… 2   Recently updated !

some snapshots into my life this week. Your welcome. šŸ™‚ Who else’s Monday looked similar? Even after the elites finished THE Boston Marathon, I spent my day just watching people cross the finish line. It moved me. If you’ve ran a marathon, you KNOW the feeling when you cross that finish line, so it choked ME up just watching some of their reactions after crossing. We are now keeping boxes all over the house for […]

Week 25 of marathon training!!!   Recently updated !

Monday – The Hus and I met at the park right after work and IĀ got 3 miles in. Then we went home and did Total Body Chisel and 10 minute Chisel Abs. Ok. Fact: I only did 9 minute abs…because when we got to the last move, (each move is done for 1 minute) I had nothing left and I just laid there and watched them do it. #aintnoshame Tuesday – I had plans this […]

Week 24 of marathon training! 2

OHMYGOSH! TWO WEEKS UNTIL MARATHON TIME!! AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! Monday – We ended up starting week 4 of Hammer & Chisel over again since we only got 2 of the workouts in last week, so this day was Chisel Balance! I’m so bad at balancing. I was shaking the whole time.   Tuesday – Max Hammer Strength! And then I headed out for 5 miles. It was supposed to rain all day, but the weather had a […]