Why can’t everyday be like a vacation?

I mean seriously. I mean, even if we can’t live like we’re on vacation EVERY day, maybe, like, 6 months of paid vacation a year would be doable???

We can all dream eh? 😉

Since we were in Texas visiting my Nana (it was the first time The Hus has been there), I’m officially (again) ready to retire. (Every time I go visit, I’m ready to retire.) My grandparents really knew how to retire – move south, close to the Mexico border (tequila and tamales…heeeelllloooooo!), live in a retirement community where there is lots of stuff going on – dancing, cards, pool time & pool volleyball, flea markets, golf carts galore, and lots of pot lucks.

Althooooough, usually I go down when it’s January or February, and ALL of the “winter Texans” (we realized where I got my ” ” trait from – my Nana. She rocks the air quotes better than me) are there, but this time all of the “winter Texans” haven’t made it back down yet, so there wasn’t too much going on. So we already decided that next time we go, we’ll go in January or February.

We still had a great time though. We played lots of cards – learned a new card game and now we have a date night with Rachel and Don to play it – and I’m sure my Nana and her friend, Nancy, were ready for us to leave so they could have a break from playing cards EVERY night. haha. (The Hus asked her every morning who was coming over to play cards in the evening. They usually only play on Thursdays and one Saturday a month.)

Anyhow, we left 90 degree weather and came home to fall. It was 43 degrees and raining yesterday. Buuuuuut, we knew it was coming and I DO absolutely love fall. :) Got mah sweats and hoodie on now, fall candles-a-burnin’, and pumpkin bread ready to bake. :) I really haven’t had much pumpkin yet this year actually…what is WRONG with me?! It’s like I ODed on it last year or something…

Couple-a-things: ‘Person of interest’. Have you guys started watching this??? It’s on Netflix and it is so good!!! It’s now one of “our shows” that we actually watch together – along with House of Cards, The Walking Dead, and Blacklist. For some reason he won’t watch ANY of the Housewives with me…something about him not wanting to lose any brain cells or get stupider…I dunno…maybe I’ve already lost too many brain cells and that is why I can’t figure out that I’m wasting my time…

Next thing: Make sure when you travel with someone, you know their “traveling style”. I have traveled and flown a LOT, but it was usually either by myself, or with a group of friends that I just met (think: missions trips.), so it was the first time that The Hus and I have flown together.

Next time, I’m not getting our seats together. He’s going to be in the front of the plane, and I’ll go to the back. Or something. He would NOT stop talking. I took him magazines, his Ipad & headphones, snacks, and even let him have the window seat going down. All he wanted to do was stare out the window and narrate to me everything he was seeing and feeling from the flight.

Dude. No. Just no. I had my books and magazines, and since I don’t find a lot of time anymore to read them, this was it.

But it almost wasn’t meant to be. I heard all about all of the barges and tug boats on the waters below us and I know what every cloud “looked like”. And I had to keep getting snacks out because some of the turbulence was making him anxious.

I love him. 😉

Just take note though: apparently you have to uninstall the wife app if you want to get sleep…

Aside from all of the interruptions though, I did almost get through Mindy Kaling’s book ‘Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?’ SO good! I was cracking up the whole time and The Dream Shatterer kept telling me to quiet down because people were trying to sleep on the plane. Dude, they are trying to sleep? I’M trying to READ and you won’t stop talking to me! haha.

Now, I know I probably sound like a queen B right now, but we really do have a good relationship and the amount of time we laugh, make fun of each other, are sarcastic with each other, and joke around, far outweighs fights. I mean, let’s get real, fights don’t last long because I just go spastic and win! He doesn’t stand a CHANCE! 😉

K. Jokes aside.

So this book. You should read it if you need a laugh. Guys, even the intro is hilarious! She listed some “alternate titles” that she had for the book, but was advised NOT to use them:

~ ‘So you’ve just finished Chelsea Handler’s book, now what?’

~ The Girl with no Tattoo

(I’m cracking up typing them.)

~ There has ceased to be a difference between my asleep clothes and my awake clothes

~ When your boyfriend fits into your jeans and other atrocities

Ya. FYI: book is cheap on Amazon.

P.S. Am I the only one who loves to people watch, and then stereotype people and make up stories about them based on what they are wearing or how they are interacting with their posse? It’s just good-natured family fun. Malls are great for this, but I really think airports are better.

K. I’ll leave you with the sights.

He was so excited that the plane had soda water.


We landed simultaneously with this plane in Houston. I’ve never done that before, and it was really cool. Obviously on side-by-side runways. 😉


He was so happy about the palm trees. Really. He was…


Found this candy corn popcorn at Sprouts and had to buy more when we got home – BOOM!



Lots of cards. :) (Me and Nancy were the ‘They’ in this card game. 😉 ) My Nana is VERY passionate about cards and not cheating, so I warned The Hus because he was on her team. He really didn’t get yelled at too much though…haha


Lots of mornings sitting on the porch drinking coffee. :)


They had one of the worse storms in a while, so we enjoyed sitting on the porch watching it rain.


We went on a riverboat ride Sunday night. On one side of us was Mexico, on the other side was Texas.

IMG_20150927_153936724_HDR[1] IMG_20150927_162316055_HDR[1] IMG_20150927_163850108[1]

Orange trees. Some oranges were stolen even though they weren’t ripe haha.







Frozen tamales to last the rest of the year. :)


K. I’ve taken up enough of your Sunday. Now go be with your family and be lazy. :)

Does flying scare you? What do you do during flights?

Do you like candy corn??

What is the best book you have read recently???

Let’s chit chat it up. 4

Hi guys! I’m OUT for a few days, but I have to leave you with these exciting tidbits/confessions/promotions:

~ I haven’t been able to run since the Erie Marathon, and I probably won’t run for at least 2 more weeks… #notrunningforpizza … I’m about to request 2 knee replacements, because I’m really tired of random knee pains when they just don’t make sense. I mean, at least they don’t make sense to me…knee pain 4 days after a marathon?! So in the meantime, i’m being a lazy bum and/or doing strength classes when I can fit them in. :)

On THAT note, I went all “dedicated, die hard” this morning, and got in a 60 minute strength class at the gym before the sun even showed it’s face.


(The lighting in this picture is just from the parking lot lights – it was not light out AT ALL!)


And apparently it’s been a while, or I was still asleep, because I forgot my water so I had to pay $2.50 for water….now I’m a broke joke. But I needed my Nuun to get through that class without passing out!


~ I bought AND ate my first pumpkin of the year last night. (Bought them for our trip, but of course I had to try one BEFORE we get on the plane and are then stuck with bad snacks…I mean, gosh, trip would totally be ruined with bad travelling snacks!)


P.S. yuMMMMMMMMeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

These made the cut too. We’ve had them before and they are amazing.


~ This morning, The Hus asked me if we were all packed. (We’re leaving today.) And then he asked if he needed to do anything. (Of course not because it’s already done.) He confessed that he didn’t think he needed to do anything to pack and get ready anyways because he has an app for that. Not sure where you download it from though, but I suppose you can just search for ‘wife’ in the app store…? I don’t think I would download a free ‘wife’ though, because anything that’s free…well…I’m just sayin’…there’s a reason something is free…

And on that note, over and out mah friends! I’m ready to get to the airport to get my traveling Starbucks coffee. They BETTER have the new fall flavor too – toasted graham latte! :)

Who does your packing for trips?

What’s your favorite pumpkin thing right now?? (And if you don’t like pumpkin things, see that little red X in the upper right hand corner…KIDDING! 😉 We can still be friends. I try not to judge. :) )

5 things on Sunday. 4

1. I proooooooobably should have told y’all about this yesterday, but I had just found out about this yesterday…Whole Foods has their Alaffia bar soaps on sale for $1! It goes through today, so you can STILL stock up! :) We’ve been on a bar soap kick, getting them at the farmer’s market lately, but for a buck a bar, we stocked up.


IMG_20150919_163146154[1]2. While my sister was looking for games for my nephew yesterday, I found this one. Now I want another kinect because I just KNOW if I played this game, maybe I could be the oldest female fighter in the octagon one day.


3. I didn’t talk about it on the blog, because I kind of couldn’t at the time. It made me feel like a terrible person and human being. But I guess I can, now, now that I KNOW we did the right thing.

We ended up having to find Simba, the cat we had adopted a few months ago, a new home. (He went to a nice family, and to a little girl who babysat cats and finally wanted one of her own.) Once he was healthy again, he and Roxy still didn’t get along, and he was getting territorial and they were fighting. Bad. So bad, that we had to take her to the vet after he was re-homed, because of all of the cuts and scratches and sores on her. And then she wasn’t eating. She has lost over 4 pounds over the last couple months.

So. long story short. We found out she has feline leukemia. And I think she has had it for a while, but getting another cat and her going through that stress and trauma just really brought it out. I really don’t know how people handle human beings for children because I am a MESS over this cat. haha. But I feel that now she is the only cat (we are supposed to be keeping her away from other cats and in a stress free home from now on), once she gets over this infection, I think she will be ok for awhile.

In other news though, they said as we’re keeping an eye on her, watch for her sleeping/sitting in odd spots. The problem though, is she IS odd. She has always laid on the ODDEST spots! haha.








(P.S. Yes. The cat DOES have her own photo album.)

4. I haven’t ran since my marathon last Sunday. And I feel ok about that. :) My knee has actually been hurting pretty good, so after my quads stopped hurting, my knee started hurting, and then I swore off running ever again.

NOT. I will be doing a little 6 miler today. :)

5. Do you know the history of the marathon? K. Either way, imma tell you. Either again, or NOW you will know. :)

First of all, it started when a soldier, Pheidippides, ran from the town of Marathon, Greece, to Athens back in 490 BC. He ran there to deliver a message, and as soon as he delivered the message, he died. (And yet the marathon continued?!?!)

The same course, which is the Athens Marathon, was also used for the 2004 Olympics.

The path that Pheidippides ran, was actually only 24 miles (we are getting screwed.).

However, at the 1908 Olympics in London, the Queen wanted the marathon to start at Windsor Castle and end at White City Stadium. That added 2.2 miles onto the marathon, but hey, at least the royal family could watch the finish line from their royal viewing box!

And then the marathon was changed to 26.2. And, I didn’t know this, but apparently some people yell “God save the Queen!” at mile 24. :)

Also, the first organized marathon, on April 10, 1896, had only 25 runners. And only 9 finished.

And I’m pretty sure we now know the end. Or at least, where we are with the marathon today. 😉

Have you ever heard, or yelled yourself, at mile 24??

Do you have pets? What kind?? Are they like your kids???

Erie Marathon pics. 2

This is literally my phone and camera photo dump from the race. They are the gorgeous views I had for 26.2 miles. Enjoy. 😉

These were from my cell phone:





The right lane was open the whole time, so cars were always passing us.







Recovery ride home.


3 hours after I finished the marathon, my watch told me to MOVE!



Those big bags were THE BEST idea at the finish line EVER! They hand you so many snacks and stuff, and you never have enough hands!


Got a fuel belt from the Erie Runners Club in our race packet.


Finally home and chillin’.


Tuesday night massage worked wonders!


And these were from the camera:

Gotta thank the supporters…


And the photographers…




















I never saw this sign, but Phil sent me a picture text of it at mile 21 and it made me laugh.


Erie Marathon Recap! 6

Marathon weekend is OVER! Well, the first of TWO (!) FULL (!) marathons this fall…


Since I don’t wanna make this post TOO too long, and make you stay up all night reading my post like it’s a really good book that you can’t put down until you finish it, I’m just gonna recap the day OF for right now.

If I was a better person blogger at life, I would keep up with posts and then it wouldn’t feel like I needed to recap the last month of my wonderful, extraordinary life into one “catch up post”. But alas, I’m NOT a better person at life. Eh, ya win some, ya lose some. :)

So. Here goes!

I ran a marathon on Sunday! Erie! On basically, no sleep. My nerves kicked in so bad on Friday, that I could NOT sleep Friday night OR Saturday night. Turns out, I end up a tiny bit more stressed out when it’s an out of town FULL marathon as opposed to out of town HALF marathons…


I’m a survivor.


Another aspect that didn’t help my worrying, was that when we got up to Erie Saturday, it was a hurricane. So Saturday night, I spent the night – when I should have been sleeping – worrying about having to run 26.2 miles in a cold, wet, hurricane. (And we even stopped at Marshall’s in Erie to buy warmer clothes for us all!)

K. On to the actual “day”.

Wake up call at 4:15. (And 4 other alarms…that really weren’t even needed because I laid awake all night waiting for the first one to go off. :) )

Of COURSE the first thing I did was look outside and check the weather. And wouldn’t ya know, the odds were “eva in mah favah” – it was PERFECT out for a race! It started around 50 degrees and stayed under 60 the whole time. Since it was on Presque Isle, it was breezy, sunny, cloudy, and very shady with all the trees. Couldn’t have asked for better racing weather!



The race ended up starting about 20 minutes late, because some of the parking lots at some of the beaches, were flooded out, so people were having to find alternate places to park. Again, the odds were “eva in mah favah” because we parked right on the side of the road, where other cars were lining up, and we ended up directly across from the start/finish line.




My goal, don’t laugh!, was to finish around 4:30. Yes, that meant that I wanted to shave off 46 minutes from my last year marathon time. Doable? I thought it was! I mean, my halves are usually around 2:10-2:15…I trained, did the speed workouts, strength workouts, stayed injury free, and this was a super FLAT course – what more could a marathoner ask for?!


Apparently mental strength. THAT’s what else a marathoner should ask for.

Some of you understand this, or maybe I’m the only one, but during a marathon, you start to “adjust” your goals.

I really tried to stay around a 10:45-11:00 pace for the first half, and I was just HOPING, that I would have something left in me for the second half, to either 1) keep the pace; or 2) speed up to 10:30.

Go ahead, do your little snicker. Who was I kidding?! I expected myself to have MORE energy in the SECOND half?!

No. I had less. Way less. Actually, it wasn’t so much that I didn’t have the energy, or that I didn’t fuel good enough, it really was just mentally. I just couldn’t push myself to push harder.

I was fine for the first 13 miles. As SOON as I crossed the line at 13, I felt myself slow down. I had seen The Hus and my mom at the line, and asked them to meet me at the car at mile 18 to give me my other pack of Clif blocks from the car. (The race was 2 laps around Presque Isle – basically a peninsula on Lake Erie).

So for 5 miles, I just kept looking forward to seeing them at mile 18. But I got to mile 18, and they weren’t there…

It actually ended up being mile 19.

So I just kept truckin’.

At 19, I stopped, got the blocks, ate some of my orange, then the 3 of us took off. They ran with me for about a half mile or longer and encouraged me.

I think. I was kinda mentally dead at that point. Philco mentioned that he could “definitely run the rest of the race with me”, until I said there was still 7 miles to go…

Sayanara SUCKA!

I just had a really hard time from 19-23. Like all of us, I was just tired. I was slowing down and I just mentally couldn’t get myself to PUSH! But because I was slowing down, my knee started hurting.

I didn’t really walk much, just stopped and stretched my legs quite a few times, but for the most part, I kept running. It was a snail run, and people were passing me, but it’s kind of easier to run slower than to walk.



I dreamed of a PB & J sandwich. I reminisced about all the long runs with the 30 other 11:30 pace group runners in my MIT group. I took some pictures of the scenery. I listened to a Jillian Michael podcast. I tried to keep forcing myself to eat 2 clif blocks every 4 miles, but by mile 22, I could NOT get myself to chew. I ended up spitting it out and hoping for the best. And I made a mental note to take a mashed banana next time for miles 20-26…Or just try a GU at that point because chewing ANYTHING is NOT happening! I even completely stopped and it wasn’t happening!

Around mile 23, a guy was walking ahead of me, and as I slooooooowly “ran” past him, he asked if I was from Columbus (I wore my Cap City half marathon shirt), and he had a Columbus racing shirt on too, so we just started talking. He was an MITer as well. In the 10:15 pace group.

Then I just HAD to pick it up again and finish this thing RUNNING, and he started running with me. We just kept running. And running. And running. And talking. We’re MITers, so we pushed each other to keep truckin’.

And when I saw that finish line, right around mile 26, I kind of took off and just wanted to get this thing over with. I realized, in those last 3 miles, of running a faster pace, my knees didn’t hurt either.


I have to admit, maybe I shouldn’t, but I was a little disappointed when I got to the finish line and it said 5:10. At mile 13, I had adjusted my goal from wanting to finish around 4:30, to 4:40. But then from miles 13-19, when I couldn’t catch up with the 4:40 pace group (they were in my sight the whole time though), I adjusted my goal to 4:55 at mile 19. I was just HOPING I could just finish in UNDER 5 hours.

But nope.

But you know what? I still shaved off 7 minutes of my time from last year! And I had NO injuries this year! NONE! Glory be to God. I’d say THAT is progress, my friends!


It really WAS 26.2…and looky! My watch didn’t die at mile 25!

So. During miles 19-23, I kept telling myself that even though I was signed up for the Columbus Full on October 18th, I was only gonna run the half. But then something weird happened as we were sitting in Bob Evans waiting for our lunch. I decided that I HAD to do the full. I KNOW I have it in me to finish in under 5. No, maybe not in 4 weeks, but who knows?! And if not in 4 weeks, it’s just another practice run for the next one. :)

It really just came down to me mentally NOT pushing myself during those miles, and it just makes me mad because I thought I was mentally stronger. I have to admit though, I really missed my running group! I missed the chit chat. I missed the laughter. I missed the stories. I missed someone pacing for me. It’s such a huge difference running with a group, and I’m SO happy I trained this year with MIT!

K. So some other little tidbits from this marathon.

  1. I wore the Balega hidden comfort socks. NO blisters. NO rubbing. NO painful toes or toenails.
  2. I want to get some arm warmers because I think they would have been much more convenient for this particular race. I literally spent about 2 minutes trying to get my sweaty hoodie off my arms and over my head at mile 4.
  3. NEW MUSIC! I’m so glad I didn’t really run with music too much this time during training runs, and then I downloaded some new songs a couple days before the race, so I had some new stuff to listen to.
  4. My mom and The Hus said this was one of the funnest races for them to watch because they were able to see me 4 different times during the run, run with me a little bit, and they just felt more “involved” in supporting me. And I, of course, loved that too! I always knew I could look forward to seeing them at those certain stops.

And that is THAT! I’ll do another post with all the random pics we have collected from the weekend, and the funny signs we saw. :)

My official time was: 5:09:35.

What do you do to mentally push yourself during a race?

Do you talk to other runners during a race?? I actually wanna talk to more runners during a race, but they either have music in, so I figure they won’t hear me, or I worry that I’ll just annoy them because they don’t wanna talk…