Week 6 of Tri/Marathon training!

Monday – Tammy text me during the day and asked me if I wanted to do an open water swim that night instead of our usual bike ride/run. First thought: “Oh gosh.” Second thought: “I need that.” Sooooo, we met at Alum Creek for my first open water swim. 🙂 She had already done a few open water swims because she is training with a tri group, but this was my first. Before we met […]

Week 5 of Tri/Marathon training! 2   Recently updated !

  Monday – Chisel Balance right after work…then met Tammy and we rode 16.7 miles Then I went out to do a 3 mile run…and ended up with only 1.5 miles. I know those runs after a bike ride are hard, but I just wasn’t feelin’ it that day….the mental aspect just wasn’t there for me to push through another mile and a half. Tuesday – Max Hammer Strength Followed with a 1200 yd. swim Wednesday […]

Week 4 of Tri/Marathon training! 2

Monday – Knew it would be a few days before I could workout again due to getting my tooth pulled Tuesday morning, so I wanted to get in ALL THE WORKOUTS! 😉 Swam 1000 yd. Stopped at the bike shop to have them actually fit me for my bike…I was a hot mess. He ended up having to raise my seat a LOT, raise my handlebars, change the clip position in my shoes…no wonder my […]

Conversations. Chapter 1. 2

I think I need to start a new tradition on this little blog here: Conversations between The Gilson’s. We seem to have some really weird, dumb, conversations that end up leaving us both questioning life…ourselves…our sanity…and also at the same time, laughing. And if there is one thing in life that is a non-negotiable, it is this: Must. Share. Laughs.   Conversation from last Saturday as I was in the shower: PHIL: You ready? ME: […]