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It’s pretty common that if we don’t truly enjoy something, we will most likely not stick with it. I mean, unless it’s your job and well, you really just need the paycheck. ;) Same goes for fitness, health, and workouts. If you hate a certain workout – and by “hate”, I don’t mean that it’s just really hard for you ;) – don’t do it! With that being said, all workouts are going to be hard! They are supposed to be! Even a freaking yoga class or 30 minutes of stretching is hard! When you’re challenging your body to do things that aren’t natural – c’mon, pigeon pose is NOT natural, but MAN it feels good! – it is going to be hard! But it doesn’t have to be hard in a bad way to make you hate it. Yes, strength workouts and lifting weights is hard, but you don’t have to hate it. Cardio is hard, but you don’t have to hate it. I’m going to bet a large veggie pizza that anyone can find a workout that they like – if not love. And sometimes, it’s not even about finding a workout that you love, but loving what that workout does for you and how it makes you feel. 


And with all the various workouts, classes, equipment, videos, trainers, gyms, etc..out there, you really don’t have an excuse to not find a workout that you enjoy. And once you find that workout you like, you will stick with it. Until it becomes “easy” or boring and then you move on to something new that will challenge and intrigue the heck outta you that you will stick with. Strength workouts don’t have to always be using the weight machines at the gym. Cardio doesn’t have to always be running or cycling. There are SO many variations to workouts!

So when my Lifetime magazine came in the mail recently, I loved reading the article called ‘Finding Your Fitness Fit’. Basically, a professor created a Fitness Personality Profile test to help you find a fitness program that you would stick with and that would make working out FUN for you and your personality.

It is a chart that has activity options for every range of every personality trait – social vs. non-social, risk-seeking vs. risk-avoiding, internally motivated vs. externally motivated, etc… and then on each line of the spectrum for these personalities, there are 10 different activities that you could choose from that would fit your personality. (And really, there are even MORE than that 10!) So see! No need to have a boring workout that you hate! Working out can be fun and enjoyable to YOU!

While I am a social, aggressive, externally AND internally motivated personality who enjoys both solo sports – running – and social sports – group classes – you might enjoy yoga or racquet sports more. While I KNOW that yoga is kind of essential for runners, there is just something about it that makes me drag my feet for a class and skip those yoga workouts all together and opt for something more “aggressive, social, risk-seeking”. Yoga to me, isn’t “fun”, so I tend to not do it much. I tend to only do it when I feel I really NEED it at the moment. Like right now. :)

So find what makes working out fun to YOU! Find your workout “passion”. And once you find a fun-to-you workout (or one where you love how it makes you feel afterwards), you are MUCH more likely to stick to it and those New Years resolutions. ;)

What workouts/classes do you just NOT find “fun”?

What is your absolute, most favorite, FUN workout or class???

I needed that.   Recently updated !


Since the weather kinda warmed up this week (30’s all week and SOME sunshine!), I finally took my running shoes to the pavement. TWICE! On Friday AND on Saturday!

Friday’s 8 mile run: (awww so sad there is no snow on the sledding hill for the kiddos. I’m sorry-not-sorry. I LIKE this winter!!!!!)


Aaaaaaaand Saturday’s 6 mile run:

run II

It’s weird, but I felt like I was faster during my 8 mile run, but numbers never lie I guess…Couple things about these runs: since I’m going to be doing 4 half marathons within 5 weeks of each other this spring, I wanted to start doing more back-to-back “long runs”. Mostly because 2 of the halves, are, literally, back-to-back on a Saturday and a Sunday. :) Which brings me to my next point. I decided to use (and by “use”, I mean “freely use”…basically “use” the idea and make some tweeks) Hanson’s training method. Which is basically to run more instead of longer. The longest run you do for the marathon training program, is 16 miles. But you do that 16 miler run a couple of times. AND! You are doing a run the day before and the day after. In a nutshell, it is basically training you to run on tired, exhausted legs and brain. Because, HELLO! that is exactly what you are doing in a marathon. So this plan seems like a great one for me since I’ll be literally doing 2 races in 2 days. :)

(Side note: I got signed up for the 2nd half that I will be doing! SO EXCITED!)

They just released the medals for the Bluegrass one I signed up for, and the medals are pretty cool. Since you will run by horse stables, they will have horses on them from Stonestreet stables which will be at mile 8. I think it’s gonna be a gorgeous race. :)

Since I hadn’t ran outside in a while, and my brain and mental health has been struggling, I ran the first 4 miles of my 8 miler without music. It. Was. Fabulous. I really needed that. And all together, that 8 miles felt fantastic! My mom walked the path once (I did 2 laps) and when she was done I had her do some push ups and squats. :)

Since Friday’s run felt so good – physically and mentally – I was super excited for Saturday’s run. This time, I completely left my music (phone) in the car. We went to Olentangy trail this time and it was a gorgeous day. But man, my body did NOT feel like running! My brain wanted to, but my body was exhausted! Actually, my body was still not only feeling the effects of the 8 miles the night before, but I was still hurting from the butchering I took at Lagree on Thursday night.

But that class is so legit, that I just can’t pass it up. If I can finagle the budget, this place/class is totally worth it. It’s life changing. Pretty much like TRX. And by the way, my triceps – and other parts too, but mostly triceps – were sore for literally, 4 days after that class. TRX is life changing too.

My legs and glutes were so tight during both runs, that I pretty much HAD to come home and take the time to stretch and foam roll…I really NEED to make this a habit though because I don’t need any injuries interfering with my racing goals this year!


During my 6 mile run today, all I could think about were these 2 things:

pizza and nuun

Friday night, we ended up going out for dinner and my mom and I got veggie pizza. Since The Hus doesn’t like veggie pizza, I knew our leftovers would still be in the fridge for us after our run. :) And I was just so stinkin’ thirsty the whole time!

After we had pizza Friday night, we went to see Unbroken. SUCH a good movie!! Sad, but good. Before we went to the movie though, we ran in Trader Joe’s (we had an hour to kill until the 10:00 show time) so The Hus grabbed these to sneak in take in to the movie…

HOLY YUM!!!!! I’m not a huge fan of the La Croix, but these ones were amazing! They won’t become a staple because they are, unfortunately, more expensive than the La Croix, but they will be a nice treat. :)

And that’s my weekend life right now! :)

Now you just need to take the time to watch these 2 video clips. One is freaking hilarity (yes, that is a word.), and the other is what I will be watching on February 20th. :)

What’s the last movie you watched in the theater?

Do you like snow for winter, or are you ok with it just being cold??

I was a runner. 9

THIS happened this morning:


Ya. Who AM I?!?! This might be a once in a lifetime thing that happened, but for today, it felt ok. I felt like a real runner running that early in the morning. ;) I’m fairly sure that 99.8% of runners run early in the morning before they are actually awake to realize what they are doing to themselves. ;) However, I DO end up seeing the other .2% of runners in the evening when I’m doing my run…

I’m just not sure how runners have extra energy for speed and longer runs in the morning…1 mile was good. I MIGHT try to make a mile run in the  morning a habit during the week…?! We shall see. I just thought: “I’m tired all day because I sit on my butt all day, which makes me tired-er. So maybe a little exercise in the AM would help?? And THEN, if for SOME reason, I don’t get my workout in in the evening, at least I can feel good about getting in a little AM run…:D

Do you have a desk job or a job where you are on your feet all day?

~I used to work in retail and be on my feet running around all day, and MAN! I never got as tired as I do from sitting all day!


FACTS.   Recently updated !

Here are some random facts about my life right now. Some of these might make you shake your head and wonder why you continue to read this blog, some may make you wonder how I make it in this world, and some might give you a laugh…

FACT: sometimes, when I’ve been bumming all day in workout clothes (not “worked out” in them…), just lived my life in them….and I’m super tired, or it’s the weekend, I sleep in my workout clothes and sports bra. I never know if the following morning will be “the morning” where I actually wake up early to get my run in instead of sleeping in and THEN running…so I wanna be ready for it.






FACT: I fail at drinking enough water on the weekends. My weekend routine is different all the time, and I never realize I haven’t drank my water until the afternoon when I have a pounding headache.

FACT: Hustle. This is my new word/motto/phrase for 2015.

FACT: I put my hoodie on backwards tonight. The hood was totally In. My. Face. and it took me at least 10 seconds trying to get my face to escape the hood before I realized what was going on. No neighbors, I was not doing karate.

FACT: These are phrases that people Googled and ended up at my blog….”Punched in your sleep quotes” and “Mixed girls with bloody knuckles”. Huh. Do I really talk that much about how I punch The Hus in his sleep every night because of his horrendous snoring?! And bloody knuckles…it’s been a while since I’ve had bloody knuckles…now I need to go back and see what THAT post was all about.

FACT: The Dream Shatterer asked me tonight if he could leave me alone while the bean soup is simmering on the stove, or will he be coming home to a burned down house. OH SHOOT! I need to go stir it….

I’m stirring! I’m stirring!!

FACT: When I went to the hospital last Friday to have lunch with The Hus (the hospital cafeteria has the best salad bar), he pointed out a chocolate cake called, ‘The World’s Best Chocolate Cake’. So we got a piece to share. Then when it was time to share our dessert like 2 people who are in love…and share things…he went to grab another fork for himself and when he got back I handed him $3 and told him to just go get another piece for himself. That Lagree class was no joke and really gave me an appetite that morning! But p.s. that cake…it really WAS the world’s best chocolate cake. Obviously. I’m not even really a cake person…


FACT: When I was 12, I BEGGED my mom to chop my long blonde hair off. VERY reluctantly, she did. Then I missed it and wanted it long again, but it would never grow. It took me about 17 years to get it to grow past my shoulder blades. Then, 3 years ago when it finally got really long, I chopped it off. And I LOVED the cut and style, but got bored with it and it was hard to workout with it that length where you can’t put it in a pony tail and then it slaps you in the face when it’s drenched in sweat. So I started letting it grow again. Now it’s getting long again and I’m tempted to cut it shoulder length. I’m a mess. The Dream Shatterer told me the other day to keep it long, but that shorter hair makes me look younger. Is he trying to make me look older b/c he’s jealous that he’s actually younger, but he’s going gray?! Oh so gray. ;) So….cut it?? Or keep letting it grow???


(I don’t want to go THIS short again though…more like shoulder length. This cut was shorter in the back…)


FACT: More often than not, I end up falling asleep in movies. Usually towards the beginning. And then whenever we go to rent movies and I pick some out, The Dream Shatterer is forever telling me that we’ve already seen it. Then when I ask him to tell me all about it so that I can remember watching it, I never remember it. Even though I say that I do remember watching it. :)

FACT: In high school, I was voted as ‘Most likely to be cloned’. So I’m wondering where that clone is…I need her.

So tell me some crazy random fact about YOUR life right now!

What were you voted for/as in high school???

Breaking up a run, TRX, and some drink options – not at the same time. 4

Soooooo Monday. I tried out a TRX class at Personal Fitness Navigators. It was a challenge. It was definitely the boost that my strength workouts have needed. My friend, Rachel, had told me that at one time when she was injured and couldn’t run, the only workout she did for a while was TRX, and she lost 4% body fat doing it. Nothing else. Yes, I have the straps at home. No, I haven’t used them much. The Hus insists I broke the front door using them and he doesn’t trust the ceilings in our condo to hang them. So. They are sitting in the bag. :(

(Although I just realized today that one of our walls is brick, because we are at the end of the building, so I’m going to try to get The Dream Shatterer to hang it from that wall. ;) )

SO! Back to the TRX class! It was a nice, small class so the instructor was able to work with us and show me the form for each exercise. She had music playing, but obviously the girls go there every week, so everyone was talking and catching up the whole time. Which was fine with me. It doesn’t bother me really. It almost makes it feel like it was a little family. :) And it was just nice having a change in workouts. :) Apparently the class fills up though, because they mentioned that that class will be taken off of the class pass schedule. BUT! They said that if anyone ever cancels, I can fill their spot. Plus the owner of the gym said if that was the only class time I could come to, but couldn’t get in the class because it was full, she would do a one-on-one session with me. So that’s cool. :)

I. Am. Sore today. I had to have The Dream Shatterer rub some thera-gesic cream on my back and arms, but I really need it on my abs, obliques, and butt!

Monday, since I was off, I met up with Rachel for lunch. Pizza of course :) Pics? No. :( We were too busy talking for me to even think about it. And I wish I would have because it was really good pizza! I dunno about her, but I’d give them a:

pizza (1)pizza (1)pizza (1)pizza (1)pizza (1)pizza (1)pizza (1)pizza (1)pizza (1)pizza (1)


She was also telling me that one of our friends, who lives right down the road from me, just bought some running shoes and wants to start running. SO! I texted our other friend, Kristen, this morning and by 4:15 tonight, I was running to her house to get her for part of my run. :) It was a little over 1 mile there and then I had her do the run/walk method down the road and back. A little over a mile. Probably closer to 1.5 miles actually – we never really checked. Oops.  She did great, so we’ll try to meet up when we can so I can help her train for a fall 4 miler race that she wants to do. :)

After we got back to her house, I kept going around the block to get in the rest of my 6 miles. It was a sunny, 45 degrees today, so it really was a nice night for a run. Until it got towards the end and really started getting cold!

OH! And this happened when I was first leaving for my run: The Hus thought I was driving over to her house and when he heard I was running there, he was like, “WHAT?! That’s like, 2 miles away! Your running there?!”

Really? Where has this boy BEEN?! Men. Boys.


Cashew milk. Ever have it? I JUST found it at Kroger the other day, and since the almond milk we buy was gone, I grabbed this. It sounds and looks mighty tasty, but I haven’t even tried it yet.


And a new wine I tried over the weekend…that YOU need to try!


And that’s my news for the last 2 days! Time to go grab a glass of this wine so that I can hopefully sleep tonight instead of having the usual insomnia! :)

(Oh, and p.s. I’ll be posting this yummy recipe in a minute so keep an eye out for it!)


Have you ever done TRX?

Are you a good sleeper, or do you have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep??

Ever have the cashew milk???

What are some things you’d like to read about on the blog???? ANYTHING!