Interesting. A Thanksgiving tip for ya. 2

When we were having lunch at Bob Evans after my marathon in Erie a few weeks ago, I had made a comment to The Dream Shatterer about how knives are supposed to face the plate or it means you are at war. But I couldn’t remember the technicalities of it all, so I had to Google it. This is what I found on the Washington Post: “It is always good to be prepared, and in […]


Thoughts, confessions, problems, and you can call me Amy. 2

Let’s start with a confession. It would probably be best to just get the confession out of the way so that, hopefully, with the rest of my post, you completely forget my confession anyway. Last week, I ate everyday like it was my last meal. I was starving allday e’ryday. Aunt suzy came to visit over the weekend, and now this week I’m exhausted. And by “exhausted”, I mean, I have been falling asleep at my desk all day; […]

Realizing what you need to do for YOU, in order to help someone else. 4

The other day when I walked into the house after a day at work, at 6:00 pm, and my Hus started to complain about something as soon as I walked in the door, I lost it. (I don’t even remember what he was starting to complain about…probably the cat whining for food…she’s doing MUCH better by the way! Steroid shots and pills saved her life, and her blood count went from 10 to 41 in […]


Music that got me through 2 fall marathons. 6

Bad Reputation – by Joan Jett Black Betty (I only downloaded this because I named my new SUV ‘Black Betty’) – Ram Jam Black Cat – Janet Jackson The Fame – Lady Gaga Motownphilly – Boyz II Men Stand by You – Rachel Platten Unbelievable – EMF Work B*&#^ – Britney Spears Black Magic – Little Mix Rock n Roll – Avril Lavigne Thunderstruck – AC/DC   And I’m still hooked on all of these […]