It’s officially official. 4   Recently updated !

The half and full marathons that I started training for, in January, I’ve officially signed up for this morning.   Let’s get it ON! I’m actually SUPER excited for Pittsburgh – not just “excited”, but “SUPER excited”,  because 2 of my pace coaches are going to run it too! We all have the same goal of a 4:45 finish, and so I’m hoping since they are pace coaches and I’m used to running with them, […]

How to get it together. 1

LOOK at the weather this week!! I’m not complaining about this type of winter, but I am slightly worried that summer will start on March 1st, with 100 degrees everyday until October 31st, and 99% humidity… Tuesday, 5 miles in the daylight. After that run, I took a quick shower and headed to the hospital to have lunch with The Hus. They have one of the best salad bars and I got such a huge […]

Weekend updates and weird things. 2

Friday I was off. I had to go to the other side of town in the morning, so on my way back home (the 2nd time I was on my way home, because I had to drive back over to the other side of town to pick up a prescription for The Hus because he forgot to ask his doctor about it when we were there the first time…), I stopped at Antrim park to […]

Hills for dinner and how I spend my time when I get to leave work early. 2

Wednesday night’s speed workout. Boom. As usual, the second I read what our workout was (we get the email with the Wednesday workout on Tuesday afternoon), I said to myself, “Self, there is no way you will be doing 12 (twelve!) hill repeats! This hill is beast. For real. The hill is, well, it’s a road. It’s a road, that goes downhill, to get to the entrance of the trail that we run on. Problem: you have to run up […]