How I am becoming a morning workout person. 2

Again, I’m NOT a morning workout person. But this happened at 5:45 am this mrning:


Ya. 5:45 A! M! I don’t know how it happened, but it did. Actually, I do know how it happened. Yesterday, I started working in a new building, and a different shift – a later shift than I’m used to. So I’m not going to be able to make it to my usual classes in the evening. :( AND! I’ll be getting home later (obviously), so in order to feel like I have a life in the evenings, it just makes sense to workout in the morning. Before work. Since one of the other Lifetime locations has some good morning strength classes, I hit one up this morning.

It was a tabata class.

It. Was. Great.

And it wasn’t that hard to wake up either! Granted, I had to set 3 alarms, but after the 3rd one went off, I jumped out of bed, got dressed, grabbed my bag (I actually remembered to pack it the night before), ate a piece of toast, wrote The Hus a note, and was on my merry little way.


I was also a little worried that the showers and locker room would be busy with other women getting ready for work, but that wasn’t the case at all. The class ran about 5 minutes over and ended around 6:50, so I jumped in the shower, got ready, and left by 7:25, but worried about traffic – because I am now having to use the highway’s for work and I had NO idea what the traffic is actually like in the mornings. It wasn’t bad and I got to work about 45 minutes early. Which is perfect and I will continue getting to work that early because it’s a 10 mile walk into work and if you get to work after 8:00, you are parking 15 miles away and taking a shuttle. :)

I’m thinking that I might use my walks into work, as my long run during marathon training… 😉 Now I get why I saw so many people change into tennis shoes when they walk around…

Anyhow, enough about work.

This also helped on my little commute into work…since I’m used to only have a 5 minute commute, but now it’s about 45 minutes…


So. All that to say: I’m SO glad I got my butt outta bed that early and made it to the gym for a fun class. This will continue. I think the ONLY reason it was easy for me to get up and get there, was because I KNEW that was the only opportunity to go to a good class. And we all know I love my group classes. :)

Tomorrow there is just cycle and yoga at 5:45, so I PLAN on just getting up and running instead, then going for a strength class on Thursday morning, and yoga on Friday. :) I need some yoga in my life…I can feel it.

One last thing I wanna leave you with…and I learned this today listening to the Today Show :) …research and KNOW where you are donating your money. Not to sound like a heartless person, but I am VERY strict about where I donate money. Why? Well, why do these charities have huge Christmas parties? Why do their CEO’s have a huge salary??

The cancer society alone, made 187 MILLION dollars between 2008 and 2012, but only 3% (THREE PERCENT) actually WENT to the cancer research and patients! But hey, the people running the charity have great salaries, great parties, and drive nice cars…!

So just THINK  and RESEARCH before you DONATE. That’s all I’m saying. There ARE charities out there that DO use the money for what it was raised for.

Some charities that I KNOW are honest: The Salvation Army, The American Legion, Make a Wish Foundation, St. Jude’s, and Ronald McDonald House.

I’m sure there are more, but those are the ones I know for sure. :)

Hope you are having a great week! :)

Jillian Michaels. Schwinn certified. Rowdy. And the rest of the weekend.

Friday night – JILLIAN MICHAELS body shred class! Ok. Everyone knows she is my bff, so you can imagine my great disappointment when I didn’t even get to meet her! OR get my picture with her! :(

There were over 350 people that took her class though, so…



Ya. I can’t even find myself. My mom, Rachel, Mary, and I are somewhere towards the back on the right-hand side. And Jillian really IS on the stage behind us…


(My mom is NOT thrilled I made her take a pic with us and it went on this little blog here. But I assured her we were ALL a hot, sweaty mess, and if she wasn’t a hot, sweaty mess, then she didn’t work hard enough. I try to be a good daughter…)

It was actually only a 30 minute workout, but we.never.STOPPED! It was packed (of course), and she really worked us! I mean, I figured she would, I just wish it had been a longer class…even 45 minutes would have felt “better”. But I know she focuses her workouts on shorter times because people are BUSY! Regardless, it was fun and we got a good workout! :)

Obviously she wanted to stay and meet me, but Giancarlo whisked her away… :(



So, that was Friday.

Saturday, I spent the majority of the day with a migraine that left me dizzy and nauseous and sleeping…Blah. The only thing I accomplished that day, were 2 errands with my mom and Hus because we couldn’t do those errands today.

The Hus got fitted for some running shoes at Fleet Feet! I’m one proud wife. His first official running shoes. He’s thinking about joining their No Bounderies group that is training for a 10k. It starts in June, right around the same time my Marathoners in Training group will start, so we figured we will each do our training, and then hash it out at the Ohio State 4 miler in October. 😉

Aaaand we finally broke down and bought a new coffee pot.

The Hus wanted this one because his Mam has the same one and he loves that it doesn’t have a carafe…

Speaking of coffee pots…remember when I told you that we got my mom hooked on coffee? This is HER countertop now…


Told ya we created a monster! haha

Then of course today was spent at Lifetime Fitness in Dublin to get my Schwinn cycling certification! YAAAAAY! :)


I am just SUPER tired and exhausted now! We only did 2 full workouts, but by the second workout in the afternoon, we were ALL cycling on legs made of jello! But I learned a lot, had fun, got excited to teach, and am now working on building a library, playlists, and messing with DJ apps…just livin’ it up! haha.

And that’s IT! I need to get to bed a good hour tonight because I start in a new department/position tomorrow, and you KNOW how training always goes! But FIRST! Before sleep, I just HAVE to dig into this book we just got in the mail today…

We are in a “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey kick up in here, and can’t WAIT to – hopefully! – meet her at Barnes and Noble next week. I’ve been practicing her armbar on The Hus. It’s safe to say I could win a fight. :)

Do you do any Jillian Michaels workouts? What’s your favorite??

What kind of coffee maker do you use???

Figuring life out. Be Kind. Water. Pee. And a bridge.   Recently updated !

Heeeeeey y’all! I’m baaaaa-aaaack! :) Not that I actually went anywhere, but we can all tell that I’ve been taking some blogging breaks recently.

I have SO much I could say about this topic of social media/technology/blogging/etc and where this desire for a break is coming from, but that is a whole conversation for a different day. :) For now, i’m just doin’ whatever…blogging whenever I feel like it or am in the mood…and just livin’. Trying to figure some things out – what DO I want to do with my life/career?! Why have I allowed myself to stop caring about some things?! How do I find my “place”/”niche”?! I don’t feel like I’ve found it. And I feel like i’m in an awkward phase because most people my age are in that “my kids and all of their friends/sports/hobbies/school functions run my life” phase. And my life doesn’t “connect” with that. How exactly do we find a balance in social media/blogging where our lives are REAL, and where we can be negative, positive, BALANCED, and use media as a platform for supporting each other instead of degrading each other or even just comparing lives and becoming depressed?! I know, I’m going way deep here and talking somewhat random, but these are just some of the things I’ve been pondering lately after reading some stories, articles, listening to podcasts, listening to my bipolar Hus talk about what HE thinks about social media, etc…it’s ALL got me thinking!

And in the meantime of “figuring things out”, i’m at least learning more about myself. That’s always a good thing I suppose. 😉 I’ve been able to at least pinpoint a few things and have had my eyes opened to some areas I want to change…

So, I suppose there IS some progress going on…

Then one of the other coaches at my Girls on Track group was wearing one of these shirts, and made comments that she is selling them, so I HAD to get one! or 3. And i’ll be buying 2-3 more next week when she gets her order in…The message on them just goes right along with things I’ve been pondering and it’s stories like hers, messages like hers, that I want to support.



(Aren’t they awesome?! And SUPER soft! $10! So if you want one, send me an email and I can hook you up! :) )

Ok. Let’s talk about water for a sec. Yes, we just went from a deep topic to…water. Just go with it. :)

I’m sorry, you’re about to hear what ALL of my stories start with lately: “I was listening to a podcast…”

So. I was listening to a podcast the other day, and they were talking about how, if your pee is clear, then you are over-hydrating and flushing out all of the vitamins and minerals. You don’t want a bright, yellow color to your pee, but you want more of a light-colored, yellowish pee color. (Isn’t this a fun topic!? 😉 )

Anyhow, my ears perked up because well, my pee is ALWAYS crystal clear. I literally went a lifetime of HATING water and never drinking it, to, kinda, OD-ing on it! I literally drink at LEAST a gallon a day. SO! I’ve been trying to cut back a little. I have to say though, it’s kinda hard! I find myself reaching for my water during the day, and then reminding myself to slooooow down! But I had such a routine going – 4 glasses by 10 am…4 more glasses by noon…wait about an hour after lunch before drinking again, and drink 4 more glasses before I leave work…and then another 4+ glasses in the evening, during and after my workouts. So it’s hard to change!

If I’m in race training though, or it’s a brutal workout day, of course I will drink more water…I’m trying to drink more tea too, and I like that. I always have tea in my drawer at work, and now that i’m not full all the time on my water, I have time to drink it! :)

I just realized this is a really boring post with hardly any pictures…

So. Last night, Wednesday night, I FINALLY ran a different trail around town that I had been wanting to venture out on. One thing I figured out: we need to live on the OTHER side of the street we live on. We live in a condo, and it’s not really in the “residential area”, so it’s a PAIN IN THE DERRIERE to cross the busy roads, but once I make it to the “other side” – the residential side – it’s a runners heaven!

My goal was to run 6 miles, and I really wanted to run across this new bridge they recently finished (it’s a bike/running trail/bridge that goes over one of the main roads). (And of course I never took pictures of the BRIDGE…next time.)

Yes, I had been dreaming about running on that trail and over that bridge.

So I went for it. Two minutes into my run, I realized A culprit of my heel and knee pain:

These shoes. Brooks Ravenna’s. I wore them for the Columbus Marathon last year and they.are.done! I felt like I was running on huge monster truck tires – heavy, bulky, hard. I kept pushing, but they are in my donation bin now.

Anyhow, I just followed the bike path, never really truly knowing where exactly I was, and that was kinda the fun in it. I passed so many baseball/softball/volleyball/tennis games going on so there was always some entertainment going on. I finally came out at my favorite street, and so I made my way to the track, ran some speed laps there, and text The Hus to come get me since it was getting dark and chilly and I had 7 miles in. (I was a little over 2 miles from home.)

I decided I love that trail and regardless of how much of a pain in the butt it is to get there, I will use those trails again and again.


P.S. I think I want to start doing some 10k’s where I can actually RACE and work on speed…

Ok, this is getting ridiculous. I guess when you don’t blog for a while, or that often, there is so much to catch you up on, but I need to really stop the madness or else this blog post is going to be a book!

Hope you all have a great Friday!!! I know I will! :)



What do you do when you have a little training break? 2   Recently updated !

Since February, I constantly had those 5 (but then only finished 4…) half marathons to train and look forward to. Now that they are all done, and my knee is finally back to normal – hallelujah!!!!!! – what do I do with myself?!?!?

I mean, I have 2 full marathons planned for the fall, but training doesn’t start until June…

So I have a good month or so to…well, do whatever it is that I do…keep running. 😉 Among lots of other fun workouts. :)


~ Purge some things in my life.

This laundry basket is FULL of clothes and shoes – from mine and (secretly) The Hus’ closets. And I keep adding to “the pile” everyday.

After reading some articles – like this one and this one – I decided that I’m pretty much in the same boat. I have a closet FUUUUULLLLL of clothes and never anything to wear. And just like the articles talked about, it makes me anxious and takes a lot of my morning time just trying to figure out what to wear…

Only to end up still wearing the same articles of clothing week after week.

So. I just started purging. Not sure if/when I will do a wardrobe “capsule”…the thought kinda makes me anxious…but for now, i’m at least minimizing my options. I’m grabbing on to the fact that less IS more, and the whole point is, we consume so much STUFF, spend money on so much STUFF, and still aren’t happy.

We would be MUCH happier with less STUFF, and more experiences.

~ And in the middle of this training break, I’m SUPER excited to go to a Jillian Michael’s class next Friday at Lifetime in Dublin. She will be there to teach her Bodyshred class and I. CAN’T. WAIT!!! My mom, my friend Rachel, and her friend, Mary are all going, so if you live in the area and wanna join us for a sweat fest, you can sign up here! :) You DON’T have to be a member of Lifetime!!!

(P.S. ALSO the weekend I will be getting my Schwinn cycling instructor certificate!! :) )


~ You continue working out, running, and cross training. :)

Monday: Strength class…left me SUPER SORE!!! My quads were already sore from the race on Saturday, and this class made them 10 times worse…along with my inner thighs. And my glutes. Aaand back. Aaaaand shoulders. Oh heck, EVERYTHING was sore. For a GOOD 4 days! By Wednesday, I told one of my gym buddies that I needed a wheelchair.

Tuesday: Contact class, A.K.A. kickboxing

Wednesday: needed something low impact – SWIMMING! THAT was a great 1/2 mile swim and I felt great afterwards! I noticed that I had to take less breaks than usual after the laps, so maybe I’ll start adding another 1/2 mile?! Gotta get my swimming ready for a future tri! 😉

Thursday: 4 miles while at Girls on the Run (technically, OUR girls are Girls on Track), then I went to the park and did 2 more miles. Because I just felt like there was more in me to give…

Friday: 4 miles at the park. And holy cow it was the best run of my life. Ok. more like, really, just the fastest run of my life. Not sure where the elite-ness fast came from, especially since it was 85 degrees out – HALLELUJAH!!! – but I’ll take it! :)


Maybe coming back from an injury can make you stronger??? I just might start working on my speed again…

~ I took a 2 hour nap on Tuesday. On accident…

Ya. I set my alarm for 20 minutes because I had Girls on Track at 5, but I ended up waking up at 6:04!! WHAAAAAAAAAT?!?! I felt horrible missing the group, but apparently I needed that sleep…and we have lots of coaches, so they were covered without me.

And today we’re about to head off to the farmers market in a few, and then who knows! :)

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend! :)

What do you enjoy during training breaks?

Do you keep a closet full of clothes but still have nothing to wear?? Or have you thought about doing (or already DO) one of these wardrobe capsules???



Zpizza! What will YOU do for pizza?? 6

I was contacted by Zpizza last week to come in and try a new pizza they have coming out – the Carnitas pizza! The Carnitas pizza has shredded pork marinated in home-made tomatillo salsa, mozzarella cheese, red onions, and topped with fresh cilantro. And it’s only available THROUGH June! So of COURSE I ran a half marathon for some of this seasonal Carnitas pizza from Zpizza!! 😉


You guys. LOOK at that pizza! It’s my new favorite pizza.

So. Zpizza. This is a chain that “hand-crafts artisan pizza, and prepares them with premium ingredients, including fresh produce (local whenever possible); grass-fed, local cheese; organic tomato sauce; MSG-free pepperoni with no nitrates or preservatives; and non-GMO flour.” Clearly, this is a pizza place that you can feel good about eating and feeding to your family. And they have dine-in, carry out, and they deliver! :)


We went to the Gahanna location, and got to actually talk to one of the owners, John. He said they have been open since February of 2014 and they are hoping to eventually be able to expand and open another location in the future. Some of Zpizza‘s locations have beer and wine, but in Gahanna, they are having a hard time getting their license to sell alcohol – there is a 3 year waiting list! :( As much as I love my wine, I really could have cared less about not having wine with our pizza though. I rarely order wine when we’re out anyway.


John, one of the owners, and me

Of course my personal photographer got some VIP access and watched them make our pizzas. :)

DSC_0234 DSC_0235

But as you can tell here, you can watch them make your pizza right there…



And they even serve pizza by the slice!


Since they have a TON of pizzas that sounded SO good right then, we got a bunch of smalls and tried a few different ones!

The Mexican – avacado, red onions, green onions, salsa, mozzarella, cilantro, lime chicken, and sour cream:


The Napoli – tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, mozzarella, basil, and roasted garlic sauce:


Tuscan Mushroom – thyme, truffle oil, feta, caramelized onions, roasted garlic sauce, mozzarella, and mushroom mix:


The Provence – artichoke hearts, mozzarella, tomato sauce, roasted garlic sauce, tomatoes, capers, and basil:


And of course The Hus HAD to try a pepperoni calzone:


So ya, we had leftovers for days too. 😉 I don’t think I can even pick a favorite! It was all so good. We all loved it.


And we weren’t the only ones that loved Zpizza.



So ya, go try a Carnitas pizza at Zpizza if you have a location around you! It’s only available through June!!! :)