The last long run of marathon training.

Hal.Le.Lu.Jah. I mean, I still have a 12 miler next weekend, but at this point, that’s a “short run”. Somebody please tell me that: 1. it’s normal to start to hate running during marathon training, and 2. after the marathon, I will love running again. Tell me!

I was gonna do 18 miles yesterday, but I woke up and just could not get “into it”. So I put it off until today. And today I still didn’t feel like 18 miles. So I did 16.

You guys. Why is it, that after a 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 16 milers, the 20 miler was the easiest and best?! Don’t misunderstand me! They were ALL hard and mentally challenging, but the 1-20 miler that I did, seemed to be the best one for me as far as mentally challenging and having to walk. Although, I felt like I walked more than I wanted to today, but my pace was still under 11 minutes, so I dunno…I just feel like the 20 miler was my more successful run out of all those long runs. All I know is, I walked in the door and yelled that I hated running and never wanted to run again. :)

The only thing that got me though today, was the beautiful weather. I took so many pictures…

Thoughts at this picture: I would like to run like a crazy woman through these crunchy leaves.




Thoughts at this picture: I would like to lay down on one of those benches and take a little nap. (In between miles 14 and 15…)




Thoughts at this picture: Hunger Games.






Sooooo ya. That was the excitement of my run.



And here you can see my typical routine…I have a few things I need to work on. ;)

16 mile times


I ate some Clif Bloks at mile 10, some water at mile 12, and some Nuun at mile 15. Felt great as far as fueling! :) Other than than, I was just tryin’ to survive. :)



I listened to music for the first 15 miles, then my phone phone died, so it was just me, my thoughts, and the runners and bikers that passed me I passed.

I’m just so relieved that was the last of my long runs. I’ve felt so burned out from running. So exhausted. So hungry. Like I have no time for anything. And I lack any real motivation right now. I mean, it’s everything I can do to go to work lately.

So tell me….how do you keep balance, motivation, drive, life together during marathon training???

A patio circuit workout.

Thursday. The Hus started getting sick on Sunday and ended up with a fever by Thursday morning. He stayed home from work because he felt so bad, but then he cried all day because I wouldn’t take a sick day to stay home and take care of him. Which resulted in me skipping strength to “take care of the sicky”. BUT! I managed to cut a deal with him – I gave him some Nuun, put him on the couch for a nap, and did a little 60 minute circuit workout in the patio – where I could still see and hear if my patient needed anything. ;)



When I made this circuit, I planned on doing each exercise for 2 minutes, 4 rounds. At the end of the first round, I was dying.



I realized that if I did it 4 times, that’s 2 hours. P.S. I’ve never claimed to be smart in math. I’m lucky I graduated with MY math skills….yes, I working in banking. :)

So! TWO ROUNDS of this circuit later, and all was well. :)

I had a nice view from my patio!

I had The Hus video some of these exercises in this circuit, but due to some technical difficulties, they will not be posted in this post. :( I have to wait for my IT man to have time for my  ticket. :)

Next up: 18 miles in the morning! Or 16…we’ll see. :) But either way, I’m so glad this is my last LONG RUN until the marathon! And my last Friday night to hit the hay early!

Do you enjoy working out outside? I mean, besides running…

What time do you typically go to bed and get up in the morning? I’m a night owl AND an early bird. Not the best combo…

These are my confessions.

1. I’m so moody lately. I think that this marathon training is starting to get to me. I feel like I have no time for anything because my weekend consists of running, eating, and then being exhausted for the rest of the weekend. And because I feel like I have no time on the weekends to catch up on things, I’m going crazy and getting moody/snappy/short tempered/etc….OR. We made little weekend trips out of town. I mean, all around it’s been a win-win. I’m really glad this weekend is my last long run before the big day. :) And next time I’m in marathon training, I’m going to prepare better. Mostly mentally prepare better.

2. I did a 10 mile run last night and pretty much listened to 2 songs back and forth the whole time – Till it’s gone by Yelawolf and Shake it off by Taylor Swift.

3. I made dinner and dessert for a family tonight that just had a baby. And I made 2 of the desserts – 1 for them and 1 for me – Pumpkin cake with apple cider glaze.

4. I’ve never carved a pumpkin. So it’s on our to-do list for October. So gimme some cool carving designs!

Aaaaaand since I have “no time”, 4 confessions is all I have time to admit to. ;)

Do you carve pumpkins as a yearly tradition?

What’s the last pumpkin recipe you made??

Spill it. Gimme one of your confessions for the week!

How about a 6 day workout break? And some quality time.

Yes. It had been since last Tuesday since I had worked out. One part because I was starting to feel a cold coming on & I was starting to feel run down, and two parts because I was just plain busy! I had taken last Thursday off to try to “rest up” before going to my sisters to help her move. I knew that would be a big job and I would get worn out from not only moving, but keeping up with a 7 year old, go-go-go little boy. ;) So that 12 miler that was on my training schedule for this past weekend? Never got done. Oops. At least it wasn’t a “long run”! ;)

Went to strength tonight. We were forewarned via Facebook, that the theme of the class was going to be “Gotham”. I mean, what else is there when comic books and super heroes fuel the fire?! There were lots of squats. Off the bench. With heavy bars. And lots of push-up variations. Where you felt like you were gonna fall onto your face. Oh, and some crazy abs on the stability balls. WITH…heavy bars. :)

Tomorrow I’m planning on getting in at least 10 miles. 1. It’s going to be gorgeous! and 2. I feel like I need to since I didn’t do 12 over the weekend and I have 18 scheduled for this weekend. It’s been OVER a week since I’ve even ran period. So ya. I need one in the books before Saturday…

And last but not least, mine and The Hus’ current “quality time” moments have included: Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy. Every night. Who’s with me?? We both currently have the song from SOA, by Yelawolf, stuck in our heads…

And on that note, I need to get the laundry out of the dryer so that we can get to watching some Breaking Bad! :) We started Season 3 last night…


P.S. This link is somewhat true…

When in doubt, sweat it out! ~me

What’s your favorite show right now?

Do you watch BB or SOA??

My week at a glance.

Soooo. I waited too long to get to the health food store and get some cayenne pills. Everyone at work started taking turns being sick and I had text The Hus last Friday and told him we had to go to Raisin Rack to get some cayenne. Never made it. Then Sunday I woke up feeling run down and by Sunday night when we went to bed, I could tell I was gonna wake up with a sore throat and/or stuffed up. But Monday morning when I woke up, I really wasn’t feeling symptoms of a cold besides my body feeling weak and run down. I thought maybe it had to do with 20 miles on Saturday, I dunno? But I started taking Vitamin C, Kold Kare, Zinc lozenges, black tea with honey and cinnamon, etc….right away. I figured I would kill whatever cold I was starting to get. But, now that it’s Thursday, my body doesn’t feel run down, but i’m ALL kinds of stuffed up! So yesterday and today I just came home from work and took a long nap to try to help re-coop faster. It doesn’t seem as bad as the peeps at work got it, but I don’t need to be sick right now! These colds anymore seem to be lasting on and on and on and on, and remembering how awful it was to run a half marathon last May while being sick was, I really don’t wanna run a full marathon in a few weeks being sick! So I’m rebuking this dang cold and trying to slow myself down now before it get worse and I end up sick for weeks!

So I took the days off from working out yesterday and today. :) Plus we’re going this weekend to help my sister move, so I didn’t wanna push it! I figure moving will be a workout, and I got a strength class in on Monday, kickboxing on Tuesday, and pizza on Wednesday – oh, wait, pizza wasn’t actually considered a workout…But I needed the pizza to help my body recover from the pain caused by the workouts on Monday and Tuesday. And ya know what? It did it’s job because now that it’s Thursday, the only thing left that is sore, are my calves! So see! Pizza is great recovery! :)

We finally made it to Slice of Columbus last night, which is where 18 local pizza places get together at the Columbus Commons, you pay $12 a ticket to support Nationwide Children’s Hospital, and you try ALL the pizza! It. Was. Great! (They do this event once a year and I’ve been wanting to go for a few years now.)


IMAG1233[1]          IMAG1231[1]          IMAG1232[1]


So. I hope your week has been good and your staying healthy! Time for me to go pack and figure out what to make for dinner!

I’ll be back on Sunday to fill you in on my weekend! :)

Any fun plans for this weekend?

Do you go apple picking this time of year??

Have you had a Sbux pumpkin latte yet??? (I just won a $10 gift card for Sbux at work, so i’ll be getting my pumpkin latte on TOMORROW for the drive to Cleveland! ;) )