Snooze versus Rise & Shine.

It’s July!!!! You know what THAT means?! It’s bIrThDaY MONTH and I NEED to stick with my workout schedule so that I can actually use all the food coupon/emails I’m getting. The Hus has lots of date nights to plan! 😉

So how ARE my workouts going?! Well, I haven’t totally fallen off the bandwagon, but I have been struggling with motivation. But to be honest, “monthly female issues” don’t. help.

Last Wednesday morning I was able to get up early, meet up with MIT, do a speed workout, and feel great all day. But by Thursday morning, I turned my 2 alarms off at 4:55am, rolled over, locked the cats out of the bedroom, and got up when The Hus’ alarm went off. At 6:20.

And then I felt guilty for not going to strength class.

All day.

So I swam ½ mile that night while The Hus and my mom did their run with the No Boundaries training group. Did I tell you about them joining Fleet Feet’s No Boundaries 5k training group? It’s for beginner runners, and they train for a 5k. They do a Thursday night run, and a Saturday morning “long run”. I’m so proud of them. :) I just need to make up a couple strength workouts for them to do as part of their training…

Ok. Back to my morning workout fail. What happened after I woke up at 6:20, was this: I realized I didn’t have to be to work until 9:00 now, and after my sister and mom got me hooked on ‘How I Met Your Mother’, I spent my morning watching episodes from Season 1. Ya. True story. So since I enjoyed that morning ritual so much, my morning workouts have been replaced with sleeping in for an extra hour, then getting up, getting my coffee, sitting in bed with the furkids, and watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

I know. It’s 100% ridiculous and it’s not even wintertime when this is happening! I even skipped my Saturday morning long run with MIT. Not for that same TV addiction reason, but b/c it was supposed to be storming with scattered thunderstorms that morning/day, and I just did NOT feel like running in a downpour again. Especially considering what time of the month it was.

So I slept in.

And then never got my long run in Saturday.

And didn’t get it done on Sunday either…and Sunday was PERFECT running weather! But I was just so “blah” and unmotivated, that we literally just bummed all day. And I fought the guilty conscious the ENTIRE 2 days I didn’t run.

So on Monday night, I ran. There was still a chance of rain, but at this point, the guilt was so strong, I didn’t care. I just didn’t have time for the 14 miles on the schedule, so I switched THIS Saturday’s 10 miles and LAST Saturday’s 14 miles, and I did 10 on Monday. So this Saturday, I’ll do 14. That’s ok right?!


I DID at least do a strength class on Saturday – C9 – that left me sore for DAYS! My glutes are pretty much always in pain anymore. And then Monday was my 10 miler. And it didn’t even rain. :)

Tuesday – um, this day has been my rest day just due to the training schedule, and when strength classes are, so I kept it as a rest day this week too even though I had already had a LOT of rest days lately. 😉

Wednesday – well, I turned off my alarms again and woke up an hour later…does that set the tone for what I did before work? Coffee, bed, cuddling with furkids, ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Do you see a trend? I’m enjoying these mornings more than I care to…But I DID do the MIT speed workout on my own later that evening! It was a timed 2 mile run, so I headed to the track, did a half mile warm up, then an 8:45 mile, a half mile recovery, then I tackled the next mile in 9:18, and then did a mile cooldown for a total of 4 miles.

I’m kinda learning, with these shorter runs and speed workouts, that sometimes less is more….whoda thought?! I’ve noticed that having a rest day the day before a speed day, is GREAT for that speed workout. And the speed workout doesn’t need to be super long to be effective – just a bigger effort. And those slower long runs? They seem to be working wonders too as far as being speedier on the shorter runs.

When I got home, The Hus wanted to go to the pool, so I went with him and did a ¼ mile swim. Took me 15 minutes, and by the end, I was tired!

Thursday, I actually got up at 4:55 and went to the 5:45 am strength class! Woohoo! And then halfway through the class, I realized that I had time to come HOME and shower before going to work, and then I could watch 2 episodes of….uh uh….‘How I Met Your Mother’! It was a great day friends. :)

I know, this is a long post with hardly any fun pictures… I guess when you don’t post very often, and not much is going on, this is the result. Sorry. :( But I’m not done yet. :)

I need a maid.


I never knew this, but I LOVE cherries! Amazing what you find you like if you just TRY it! <pic>


I love this wine app – Dryc. You can take pictures of the wine label and it will save it in there and you can put notes in there – where you found it, price, etc…


I THINK that is all. For today. :) Have a great 4th!

P.S. Have you ever seen PLAINTAIN tortillas????? I saw them advertised SOMEWHERE (now I can’t remember where I saw them….), but I haven’t seen them in a store…

Two movies and a laugh.

Happy Friday, y’all!

K, first thing. Two REALLY good, true story, movies we watched this week that you NEED to watch:

Screenshot_2015-06-25-08-20-50[1] Screenshot_2015-06-25-08-21-16[1]

Spare Parts is about four Hispanic kids, who form a robotics club, and build an underwater robot, to take to a tournament, to go up against some of the top, smartest schools across the country. SO good!

If I Had Wings is about a blind boy who has a dream of running cross country; but he needs someone faster than his Dad to run with him and be his guide. Spoiler alert: this movie will bring you to tears. :)

Actually, both movies will bring you to tears. And if they don’t, you might have a stone cold heart. Kidding! :) But seriously, they are great stories and I love a good true story movie.

K, now for the laughs. Cuz I’m always good for a laugh! :) FRIDAY 1Source







Have a great Friday!! :)

A post 2 days in the making… 6

Saturday’s long run…turned into a long swim…At least it kinda felt like we were swimming part of our long run on Saturday! 😉 It rained the whole time and there were numerous puddles lakes we had to just run through. At that point, why even try to avoid them because you are soaked already…


I had 12 miles on my schedule. The group had 7. We finished around 7.5, so I went back out with one of the coaches who wanted to get 10 miles in that day, and I just ran the 2.5 with her and called it a day. :)

Training plans are meant to be changed. Right?!


I mean, I’m not kidding that I changed my plan by 2 miles for the day…but it won’t become a habit. :)

After my run, The Nephew was in town, and since it was raining all day, we just had a nice, lazy afternoon and evening watching movies, playing video games, and eating pizza. :)

Monday morning, I tried out a new class that just came to Lifetime – C9. Finally a strength class at Easton at 5:45 AM!

It’s Tuesday, and I’m really sore. :)

C9 format is a 45 minute class, with 9 strength exercises, hitting every muscle group. You have 3 exercises that you do for 1 minute each, then you repeat those 3 exercises 2 more times. After you’ve done 9 minutes of those 3 exercises, you do a 1 minute cardio burst. Then repeat the 9 minutes of 3 – new – strength exercises, and finish with 1 minute of cardio. You do 3 rounds of this. It was a good class!

And then Monday night, The Hus, my mom, and I did a 2 mile hike/speed walk at the park. Good times. :)

P.S. It’s now Wednesday…told ya this post was 2 days in the making… 😉

Just got back from our speed workout. It’s 7:20 A.M. It started at 5:30. Who AM I anymore?!?! And ya know what?! I’m kinda liking these AM workouts a LOT more than I expected! I mean, first off, it was in the 60’s this morning at 5:30. Last week’s 6:30 PM speed/hill workout was like, 90 degrees. IMG_20150624_064301474[1]And then there was the sunrise while running…(bad picture AFTER I got home though…)


This week’s workout was on the track. 6 x 800’s. FAST. And ‘FAST’ was capitalized like that in the workout email too. After a mile warm up, the goal was: if your marathon goal is 4 hours, you should finish your 800 (2 laps) in 4 minutes. And then if you did that 800 in 4 minutes, you rested – complete REST – for 4 minutes. I stuck with my Saturday morning pace group coach, Kim, and we finished each 800 right around 4 minutes. She was good to stick with, and it was a great, hard workout that I’m SUPER glad I don’t have to look forward to doing tonight. 😉

IMG_20150624_064305714[1] IMG_20150624_064224057[1]

P.S.S. I’m. Still. Sore. From Monday. My glutes are a-hurtin’!

And that’s my week of workouts so far! Starting to really enjoy this new work schedule of mine so that I CAN enjoy these AM workouts! And I’ve slightly adjusted to going to bed earlier. :)

How’s your week?? Any summer vacations planned???

I bet MY dinner was better than YOUR dinner… 2

For real. What did you have for dinner?? I had hills. That’s right – HILLS. :)

Tonight was my first MIT speed workout. I already knew what the workout would be because they email us the day before, but I tried not to let the workout really sink in prior to actually showing up.

It was 12 x 300’s.

Oh not just 12 x 300’s, but 12 x 300’s UP HILL. :)

We all met at one of the high schools near the trail, we ran to one of the big open fields along the trail, stopped and had a 10 minute “Good form running lesson”, then continued running to “the hill”. Which was just a residential road that was, you guessed it – UP hill.

It was roughly a mile from the school to “the hill”, so running back to the school after those hill repeats was SUPER fun! 😉

I really didn’t think I would be able to do 12. The half marathon group was scheduled for 8, and I figured if I was really on the verge of dying, I would just pretend for tonight that I was training for a half and just do the 8. 😉

But on the 11th DOWN hill, the guy running next to me asked, “Last one?” I said, “Yup. Thank God! I really didn’t think I’d be able to do all 12.” His reply, “me either, but here we are.” And then we both pushed and fought for that last hill. :)


For most of the run, there were little rain drops here and there, but with about 4 hills to go, it started raining more, and then on the run back to the high school, it really started raining. And it felt SO good. But I forgot to take a towel with me for my car seat. :( I need to just throw a bunch of towels in my car so I don’t ruin my new seats!


And it was super nice of the Fleet Feet guys to bring a cooler with popsicles for after the hill repeats! :)

Now I’m off to my bottle glass of wine and then sleep like a baby (why do we say “baby”?! Babies don’t sleep…) bear in hibernation. :)

I need some new running music to download – what is your favorite song to run to right now???

It’s Tuesday, and… 2

I’ve been ready for the weekend since Monday at 4:50 am. :) Am I the only one?! IS IT FRIDAY YET?!?!?!?

Our last weekend was just so busy and productive that I need a weekend to recover and just relax and rejuvenate! Actually, the last few weekends have been busy!

I already gave my mom and The Hus my disclaimer for this coming weekend: It is all about relaxing and pool time. And my MIT run. :)

Saturday, after I did my “long run” with MIT (marathoners in training), we went and detailed both cars. A 3 hour ordeal. :) But! On our way to the car wash, a little league team was having a car wash and when we passed them, I just felt like we should stop and let them wash our cars. Then when the one boy looked in my window while I was stopped at the light, and gave me his BEST sad face, I HAD to stop.

I’m a sucker.

But it was for a good cause and they were donating the money so that some of the little league boys could go to camp.

Anyway, after that, we went and detailed the cars.

Came home from that fun and I laid out for an hour. Got burned, but mostly because my back was already burned from washing cars…so now I need to even the burn lines out this weekend at the pool. 😉

Saturday night – church, movie night (Wreck-it Ralph – SUCH a cute movie!), pizza…same old fun night. :)

OH! my 10 mile run with MIT! First run with them! I will say this: I will never train alone again. I know. Never say never. But if it’s in my power to never train alone again, I won’t. The plan for most of them, because most are training for Columbus Marathon in October, was for 5 miles. But I needed 10. So after we all did the 5 miles, one of the coaches in my pace group said there would be some that will go back out for more miles. So I ended up going back out for 5 more miles with 4 other coaches.

Actually, we overestimated the water stop/Antrim park, because we ended with an extra .63 miles. It. Was. SO. hot and muggy! Once we got to 2 miles, we figured the next park/water stop was about a half mile away, and we could grab more water. But it ended up being a mile away…So it was rough going back. But running with other people helped tremendously! There were about 25-35 in our first, original 5 mile group, and then it was just me and 4 other MIT coaches for the 2nd 5 miles.

IMG_20150613_094754545_HDR[1] IMG_20150613_094807898_HDR[1]

So let’s talk about my pace. I ran with the 11:30 pace group. Maybe I just haven’t paid any attention to what pace I should actually be training at…or maybe I did pay attention, but since I’m defiant I just did my own thing?! Either way, per MIT, long runs are done at a pace that is 60-90 seconds slower than race pace. This confused me. And made me kind of struggle during my run on Saturday because I was constantly having to fight the urge to speed up. Is that how other training plans are too??

I ran with one of the coaches for a while during the first 5 mile session, and she was telling me that as long as I do the weekly workouts and speed workouts, I will be able to hit my pace goal for the race. Their reasoning is here:

“There are several reasons why this will be beneficial in the long run.

  1. Slowing down allows for active recovery.
  2. Constantly pushing at race pace will quickly break your body down putting you at risk for injury and overtraining.
  3. By race day our goal for you is that you will have spent 3-4 workouts moving forward for more time than it will take you to finish your half or full marathon.”

It DOES make sense I suppose. It’s just hard at first to slow down that much. But in the end, I wasn’t AS drained as I usually am after a long run at a pace of 9:45-10:00…maybe they DO know what they are talking about! 😉

And that’s my first MIT training run experience. Can’t wait for this Saturday. :)

OOOHHH!!! ALSO! I signed up The Hus, my mom, and I for the OSU 4 miler in October! And our friends, Rachel and Don are doing it too! This will be my mom’s and Hus’ FIRST race ever, so I’m super excited! My mom is starting training this week with Fleet Feet’s No Boundaries 5k training group, so she will be well prepared. :)

How’s YOUR week so far??

Have you watched any good movies lately???