Here are just some random things I’ve been meaning to share with you.

~ I want a Tesla.  I do. I have been following Leilana Munter for a while, who has been driving one for years, and the price is FINALLY  supposed to be coming down. I want one. So if Tesla wants me to test one out and give a review on the blog, I totally will.

(photo Jacqueline Ramseyer/SVCN/August 27, 2013) Tesla showroom at Santana Row.  Tesla is taking over the 10,880 square-foot Acura dealership on the stretch of El Camino Real known as Sunnyvale Auto Row.


~ The Hus and my mom each got a pair of Balega socks the other night at their No Boundaries running group. Uuumm, I don’t even have a pair of these wonderful (so I hear) socks! I can’t bring myself to spend that much on a pair of socks… $12-$14 a pair?! I mean, are they really THAT great?! Do they heal plantar fasciitis and make you run faster?! 😉

Anyhow, they seem to love them and think they are extra cushion-y and soft.

Yes. I made them both stand on the TM for this. :)

~ I finally figured out the other pair of shoes I need next. When my mom and I were in Fleet Feet on my birthday, the other shoes that I ended up not getting, I knew I would go back and get them later on when I needed another pair of shoes, and they could be for shorter, easy runs. But I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember which Mizuno’s they were! So when we were at Fleet Feet the other night for a nutrition seminar (more on that in another post!), I found them, took a picture of them, and now KNOW which ones they were – Mizuno Wave Rider 18s. I should have known they were the newer ones out…


~ Just a little update on The Hus’ shin splints. The insoles are really helping. The massage roller is really helping. But he was still having a little bit of pain and one of the other guys who is in his group, has the compression sleeves and said they were a big help for him, so of course we needed to try them too… 😉 He better never stop running now! And p.s. I had to put these on for him! THAT was quite the ordeal! haha

~ We went to the eye doctor the other day, which needed to happen months ago!, but I always put off going because I know when I go, it’s going to be a big bill. I wear gas permeable contacts (because my vision is SO bad), and they last a while – a couple years – but I have a tendency to make them last longer than they should… 😉 So she said my prescription hasn’t changed too much, but my contacts were SUPER dirty…haha. I knew that. And my glasses are from about 6 or 7 years ago, so they REALLY need upgraded! And I like wearing glasses to work sometimes (more often than not) because it’s just more comfortable when staring at a computer screen all day.

Long story short, I need new contacts AND new glasses! :) Yay! Of course insurance only allows for one or the other, and doesn’t cover them 100%, so I’ll be doing what I do best – spending money. 😉 And I would LIKE to get 2 pairs of glasses, so that I have a work pair and then just a cheaper pair. And to just have options. :)

So I was “trying on glasses” at and apparently I didn’t choose the appropriate picture of myself for trying on glasses…


When I sent this picture to The Dream Shatterer, his reply: “They look a little too big for you.” Really buddy?! Ya think? 😉

~ I would like an option on text messaging, where you receive a notice that the receiver has received the sender’s message. Anyone with me? My Hus is THE WORST at replying to things – or even reading them for that matter (not sure why he even has a phone) – and I’m forever either having to: 1. Re-send text messages; 2. Send another new text with a disclaimer at the beginning saying “read the 4 texts prior to this one before reading this one”; or 3. Reading my text to him when I get home and actually see him. :)

K. That’s all for today. :) Have a great weekend! Don’t sleep in and waste your weekend – get out there and enjoy it!! :)

Baring my soul. Or biggest struggle at the moment. 4

Lemme just get this outta the way first.

Confession: I have been having a LOT of trouble getting up and working out first thing in the morning.

I made it to the C9 class Monday morning at 5:45 am, and I did a 4 mile “easy” run on Tuesday around 9:30/10:00 am (it was my day off this week because I have to work this Saturday), but this morning – Wednesday morning – when my alarm went off at 4:43 am, I couldn’t do it. I was so tired. I think, that my work schedule change, and doing my workouts at different times each day, is still messing my internal clock up; but then I feel like I’ve been on this schedule for long enough now (about 3 months?) that I think my body should be used to it!!

I’m just, for the first time in my life, having trouble sleeping. I know, most of you are like, “welcome to the rest of the world’s problem”…but I used to be able to fall asleep at the drop of a hat, and sleep through tornados picking up our condo and dropping it in another location. Now, it’s taking me foooooorever to fall asleep, and then I wake up multiple times during the night. No Bueno.

Here’s what I have figured out: since trying to go to sleep earlier, so that I can get up earlier, my body just doesn’t want to go to sleepearlier!!! So I lay there awake, tossing and turning for a while, then by the time I fall asleep (which is probably around the time that my body is already used to going to bed), I’m so worried that I will sleep through my alarm when it finally goes off, because I’m so tired from not getting enough sleep, that I end up waking up multiple times during the night, checking the clock, checking my alarm to make sure it’s on, and so I’m never really getting a good night’s sleep! <insert frustrated voice and hands thrown in the air for effect>

I know. Most of you are all, “I’ve been dealing with that issue for all of eternity so I don’t feel bad for you.” Honestly, now I feel bad foryou! Haha.

I really never got a full 8 hours of sleep each night, and my body just didn’t seem to need it either…I was fine on 6-7 hours. If I got 8+ hours of sleep, then I was tired from too much sleep.

Ok. Enough of my sleeping problems that you already know about because you have been dealing with them for all of eternity. I just needed to complain about it to someone other than my Hus. He’s probably sick of hearing about it b/c his sleeping has been terrible for all of eternity too. I think I’m just more frustrated about it because it’s messing with my workouts!  Who cares if I’m tired at work all day and dozing off while I’m on a call! Who cares if my extreme tiredness is making me eat ALL.THE.JUNK – healthy junk, but still….too much of a good thing is still too much eh?! And who CARES if it’s affecting other important life decisions. It’s affecting my workouts and THAT’S what is ticking me off the most!

I’m kidding. Kinda… 😉

I was just really excited to get into the routine of working out in the morning, before work, and having evenings to do other things, but now that I’m having trouble falling asleep – and staying asleep – and in turn sleeping in, well, past my alarm anyway, I’m having to do my workouts in the evening again, which is taking time away from The Hus and other life things. That’s all. I guess it just takes some time to really, fully, adjust and I’ll just appreciate the days that I CAN get up when my alarm goes off and I can get my workout in before work!

From my morning run on Tuesday…that was NOT at 5:45 am, but at 9:30 am! 😉


No, the sunglasses didn’t last long on my face.

IMG_20150728_095456210_HDR[1] IMG_20150728_101707616[1] IMG_20150728_101819363_HDR[1]

Spent some time here at the end of my run, stretching it out like a good little runner…


And hallelujah, I remembered to put towels back in my car, because as you can tell, it was HOT!!


In the meantime, I spent the day today chugging water like this was the last of the water supply, because I had to do my speed workout at 6:30 pm, when it was around 85-90 degrees out. :) But it ended up storming pretty bad, we waited around for about 15 minutes, it stopped blowing, slowed up slightly and all agreed we were going to get this workout DONE! As long as it wasn’t lightening and blowing like it had been, we can rock it out.

4 x 2 mile repeats. With a 1 minute rest in between each 2 mile interval. At marathon pace – which, for me, is around 10:00. (P.S. these weekly speed workouts that I share with you, are only the schedule that I’m doing because i’m training for a full. We have people who are complete newbies to speed training, so they have their own plan – like maybe, 1 x 2 mile repeat – and then there is a plan for the half marathoners – maybe 3 x 2 mile repeats, and then there is an advanced plan, which, for tonight, was 5 x 2 mile repeats. The advanced is for the super crazies – the fast guys.)

But I only ended up doing 3 x 2 mile repeats. Still ended with 8 miles though – mile warm up there, and mile cool down back

In other news, a success for me, has been lunch and dinner prepping the last 2 weeks. I know, I know, don’t everyone high five me at once. 😉 Last week, I had pre-made my salads for the week – TACO SALADS EVERY DAY FOR THE WIN! And I had made spinach lasagna so that dinner was always ready!

This week, I premade a different salad, with: spinach, tomatoes, onions, black olives, feta cheese, dried cranberries, 2 pieces of Boca meatless chicken nuggets, and homemade maple Dijon dressing (SUPER GOOD and super easy!). And then I made a vegetarian enchilada casserole for dinners.


It has worked wonders for my life.

For one thing, it makes packing lunches super easy and is helping me to not get sick of salads every day since I had been eating the exact.same.salad for the past few years and was kind of getting sick of them…and then having a dinner prepared is helping us get back into a routine of having a valid dinner instead of waiting until 8 pm, not feeling like cooking that late, and then eating frozen burritos or a frozen pizza. Yup. That was happening waaaaaaay too much.

So at least for now, for the last 2 weeks, we’ve been doing great with meal planning. :)

P.S. if you need an easy, yummy new dressing, this is the one:

½ C. olive oil

2 TBSP. apple cider vinegar

2 TBSP. Dijon mustard

2 TBSP. maple syrup

Salt and pepper to taste


Well, I’ll end this post with that. At least it was a healthy combination of good and bad, right?! 😉

What are some of your favorite salad ingredients?? I need some ideas because I’m trying to change up my salads EACH WEEK!

Eating to run. Or is it running to eat? 4

Hola amigos! :)

No, I didn’t start speaking Spanish over the weekend, or travel to Mexico. Sometimes I just have days where I feel like saying words in another language, or sometimes we even have days in our house where we use certain accents…that’s just how we roll ‘round here. 😉

AND! Before I share with you the really yummy parts of my weekend – food related, of course – lemme just tell you about my “long run” on Saturday…It was long. 17 miles long. Since I didn’t want to run into the same issue I had last weekend, where I had to do my 6 extra miles after the group was done with their 10, I forced myself out of bed a little bit earlier, and did a couple of those extra miles before the group MIT run at 7am. :)


This is what pictures look like when you don’t wanna take the time to stop and take a picture of the beautiful sunrise while your running.

I did about 2.6 miles before our group started, and then by the time the group finished, I was at 15 miles (they had to do 12 miles), so it wasn’t so bad doing just 2 more miles afterwards. It had already started getting hot, but I had hydrated so well during the 12 miles with the group, that I really felt fine when I was finishing up my miles afterwards – MUCH better than last week anyway!

We literally stop every 2 miles – sometimes more – so every time we stopped, I drank 2 little cups of water. Then every other stop, I would eat a couple honey stingers while I drank my water, and then sip some Nuun in between the water stops. I was worried about overhydrating, but I don’t know why because it was so hot and I was sweating like it was my job. And one of the coaches kept asking us if we were still sweating, because if we stopped sweating, then we were dehydrated and needed to drink. And there were a few times where I wasn’t sweating as much, so with someone checking on us constantly, it really made me pay attention to my hydrating and drink more. And in turn, ironically, feel much better in the heat. :)


P.S. I’m loving running in hats and visors instead of wearing sunglasses. In this heat, my sunglasses just make the sweat pool in my eyes, so this visor was GREEEEEAAATTTT at keeping the sun outta my eyes AND helping some of the sweat to NOT run down my face!


After my run, I rushed home, jumped in an ice cold shower, and tried my best to hurry up and throw myself back together so we could make it to the farmers market.

We did make it there, and The Hus stocked up on bison, sausage, and we tried to stock up on fish, but they had just sold out of fish! :( She said in the future, we can always send her a FB message and they will hold anything for us if we’re going to be there later in the morning. Since my long runs are running into the farmers market time, we might have to do that next week! Since it was almost time for all the booths to start closing up, we only stocked up on the meats this week for The Hus, and then all grabbed a piece of pizza from Dewey’s pizza (they sell slices of pizza for $2 during the farmers market), and my mom and I got a breakfast biscuit at the one farms’ food truck and we split that. It had maple sausage, pepper jack cheese, and an egg on an English muffin, and after 17 miles, pizza AND half of a breakfast sandwich totally hit the spot!


My mom and I had also ran to Trader Joe’s and Costco, and had found some other yummy goodies to try – these organic caramels, spicy avocado hummus, wine, and champagne grapes.

IMG_20150724_191006704[1] IMG_20150724_191022190[1] IMG_20150725_170631267[1]Also on the food list for the weekend: Zpizza’s carnita’s pizza on Friday night – because what long run would be successful without pizza the night before?! 😉


Sunday morning, we made blueberry pancakes and organic, hormone free sausage that we got from the farmers market, and I made sure to make some extra pancakes so that on the mornings I do my workout or run before I’m actually awake, I can grab one of these babies and warm it up for breakfast while running out the door for work! :)


And the last food thing I need to talk about, is this:


These are from The Fitnessista. Strawberry shortcake energy bites. The Hus actually said they are better than ALL of the other protein balls I’ve been making – and that’s saying something because he is a chocoholic!

Now that I have your stomachs growling, i’m OUT! 😉 Time for my glass of wine and catching up on Scandal!

A speed workout that almost didn’t get done. But did. 4

I did NOT wanna get up this morning! Actually, it wasn’t so much that I didn’t want to get up and go to MIT’s speed workout at 5:30 am, it was more that it’s my week where I need to watch myself during workouts, because this is my week I’m prone to get light-headed and pass out…And when I woke up this morning, I know my body well enough to know that if I would have gone, I would have been dizzy and done after 1 or 2 laps.

So I skipped it.

BUT! Since I knew what the workout was supposed to be, I figured that I would just do it on my own after work at the track in Westerville – after I had eaten and gotten a good amount of water in me. But as I was driving home from work, I kept thinking about the actual workout, and I thought, “there is no way I’m going to do that whole workout on my own. I will quit. Plus, I paid to be in this group, so i’m going to get my money’s worth.” So I rushed home, changed, and ran back out the door to meet up with the group.

And i’m so glad I did. This was the workout:

2 x 400

2 x 800

2 x 1 mile

2 x 800

2 x 400

And we were supposed to take a 2 minute break in between each one. So, example: 1 – 400 meter lap, 2 minute rest, 1 – 400 meter lap, 2 minute rest, 2 – 400 meter laps, 2 minute rest, 2 – 400 meter laps, 2 minute rest, 4 – 400 meter laps, 2 minute rest, 4 – 400 meter laps, 2 minute rest, and so on until the end.

Lemme tell ya, those two 1 mile intervals = hard as heck! I tried my hardest to keep an 8 minute mile pace, but during both intervals, by the 3rd lap, I was slowing down to 8:30 pace, and by the 4th lap, I was down to an 8:45 pace. No worries though, because it’s all about making it YOUR workout, where YOU are at, so even though there are faster people out there, it was tough for me and quite the challenge. And that’s what is great about track workouts – you don’t have to worry so much about trying to keep up with anyone, because all they will do is lap you. 😉

And I’m SO glad I didn’t attempt this on my own because having a HUGE group doing this same grueling workout, is 100% motivating. Everyone makes it their own workout, but you will always find a few people who are around your pace/fitness level, who you can kind of stay with and push through together. THAT’s what it’s about.

And, actually, my mileage should say 7.27 miles because my watch didn’t start until we were .60 miles into the run and I didn’t even realize it. We did do a 1 mile warm up, and a 1 mile cool down too. At a MUCH slower pace. 😉

After THAT workout, I KNOW I won’t be waking up at 4:45 am tomorrow morning to go to strength class! I’m already packing my gym bag to hit up a 6:30 PM class! 😉

And now, it’s this time:

Wine and massage roller time!


And How I Met Your Mother…

What’s your favorite technique/tool/item for dealing with sore muscles??

I am loving this massage roller – better than the foam roller – and I love using Pan Away oil. And sitting in the hot tub helps too! 😉

Drink up! And a few other Tuesday Tangents. 2

Hi guys! How was your day?

Remember how I had a muscle twitch on Sunday that was driving me up a wall? Well, after some research, and self-diagnosis, because, well, reading about my symptoms on Web MD makes me a doctor!!!!!, I was able to rule out that the twitching was from stress or anxiety, but it was from……… DEHYDRATION.

And The Hus had called it. He said that when I did that 16 mile run in the heat on Saturday, he didn’t think I was drinking enough water afterwards. This information/light bulb moment didn’t come about until Monday morning…After I had been fighting this twitch for all of Sunday. Then, as I started thinking about it, I realized that I probably didn’t drink enough water considering how hot it was, and how much I sweat, and then considering the wine I drank Saturday night, Sunday night, aaaaaaaand 4 cups of coffee Sunday morning…I realized that I probably really was dehydrated. So Monday morning, I skipped my coffee and started chugging water. Not to be all ‘TMI’, but by noon, I had drank over 10 cups of water and had only peed once. And it wasn’t clear. So that told me that I was REALLY dehydrated!

And whadaya know, by the afternoon, my arm had stopped twitching and I was sane again. :)

So what is the purpose of this information?? STAY HYDRATED!!!!!! It’s so crazy the little things that can happen to your body if you aren’t drinking enough water. Soooooo, DRINK UP!


Next. These are the BEST bags for recycling.


And then there is the French press. Ahhhhh, French pressed coffee…I didn’t realize what I’d been missing out on! It is just so much more distinct tasting…smooth…flavorful…


But the first day that The Hus used the French press, he out did himself.


First of all, I went with this French press from Target because it makes 8 cups as opposed to the 3 cup one they had for half the price. Well, as you can see, The Hus was experimenting with it the first day and made 2 carafes…so I walked in the door from the gym that morning, to 4 mugs from the first batch, and then a full carafe…not to mention that the regular coffee pot was full…

Let’s just say that I was talking like an auctioneer all day and bouncing in my chair. We’ve now learned some balance. 😉

But I definitely WILL put my stamp of approval on a French press because the coffee tastes SOOOOO much better! And it really isn’t any more time consuming. (I mean, not that I would know because I’m never the one to make the coffee…)

Sunday. Two things about Sunday. One, I made some blueberry pancakes for breakfast, but we didn’t have any eggs (if you remember, last week I went to make pancakes, and we didn’t have almond milk…I need to get it together), so I used my wisdom and googled “how to make a flax egg”.


IMG_20150719_094957823[1] IMG_20150719_095522429_HDR[1]

P.S. Worked like a charm. :) And I got mad props for those pancakes too! I even made some extra and stuck them in the fridge so I could heat them up this weekend after my long run since I always crave pancakes after long runs.


And the second thing about Sunday: I made 2 new recipes. One was a flop and ended up in the trash, and the other one I thought was gonna be a flop, but it wasn’t!

The mocha coconut macaroon flop:


In the trash. Along with the recipe.


I couldn’t even tell ya where I found that recipe, but it did NOT turn out – as you can see! I wish it would have because it sounded SO good.

And the success:

Mint Protein bars (which I made into balls because I just like balls better than bars.  This recipe was from Davida at The Healthy Maven and I’ve had it printed out for months now and just got around to making it. And even though working with mashed up dates isn’t the funnest thing in the world, this recipe is worth keeping in my weekly protein ball rotation! SOOOOO good!!!

How can you tell when your body is dehydrated?

Do you make a regular pot of coffee, or use a french press?? Or some other way???