Tiny houses and one more.

So for movie night last night, after we watched Rumors of War, The Hus put on Tiny: A Story About Living Small. Ok. Now, I’m all about attempting to be simple and minimalistic – I know, hard to imagine that I could be minimalistic. I guess maybe I’m not so much minimalistic as much as I’ve just learned to sort of just buy what we need. I know, that doesn’t seem like me either. I’m off to a real good start here…

Let me put it THIS way, since high school graduation – like 100 years ago it feels – I have had to “start over” more times than I can count on both hands. I mean, like, sell everything, starting over. I think the condo we live in now, in Columbus, OH, has been the longest I have lived in one place since I was like, 18. Progress. ;) And both The Hus and I actually feel “at home” finally. I mean, he still wants to live in a 1 room shack on top of a mountain where you can’t see or hear anything but clouds, trees and birds, but that’s not even an option if he wants me to live with him. :)

Anyhow, through “starting over”, selling everything, moving, etc….you really learn what you NEED. Sure, we have “purges” and “spring cleanings”, but we still keep and hang on to some things that we just really don’t NEED. When you completely sell EVERYTHING, and have to rebuild, obviously you can’t just buy everything you need right then and there. You gradually rebuild. Rome wasn’t built in a day, y’all. But when you start to rebuild, you have your little list of what you NEED right then and there. And as you go along, you realize some things you just don’t NEED right now. There are other things you need more. And as time goes on, that one thing that you though you needed before, is completely out of your mind and it doesn’t even make it’s way back into your life to collect dust and cause you to feel like you need a bigger house for all your “stuff”.

This movie really put things into perspective for me, because I’ve been all hell-bent on moving and trying to find a BIGGER place for us. Buying isn’t an option for us at this point, but I wanted BIGGER. That’s better, right?! I need more room for all my “stuff”. But then you go bigger, because you need more room for the “stuff” you already have, but then all of a sudden, you have EXTRA space, so you NEED more stuff. STUFF. It’s just STUFF. That we leave behind when we die. And we all know that you leave it behind when you die, because your family are the ones who have deal with all your “stuff”. :)

So. These tiny houses. And by “tiny”, I’m talking, UNDER 200 sq. ft. tiny. And some of these people living in these tiny houses, were married…had pets…one family had 2 kids…like, I just don’t even know. All the people in the documentary talked about how we just consume, consume, consume…our culture has brainwashed us to think that we need more, more, MORE in order to be happy and successful. That the amount of “stuff” we have, the size of our house, the kind of car we drive, determines how successful we are and in turn, how happy we will be. But you know what? I still see a lot of rich, miserable people. They don’t seem to be immune from unhappiness, divorce, bankruptcy, etc…

The stories of all the “tiny house” people were inspiring really. I think it’s amazing that people can actually live in such tiny spaces with like, no stuff, but I don’t think I could do that. :) I mean, I don’t need a big house – I think the family gets lost in a big house. If everyone has their “space”, then they end up hardly even “living together”. They all go to “their spaces”, and rarely interact. Then when they DO interact, they don’t know how. Learning to LIVE together is what we were meant to do! And big houses and mansions don’t really teach you that. How do you learn how to compromise and share?!

This was the main guy in the movie & the tiny house he built.


Anyway, I’m off my soap box now. :) It was just some food for thought that was having so I thought I would share it. Your welcome. :) So for now, since it’s just me and The Hus and our furkid, I’m just going to appreciate our little condo. That is getting smaller because I HAVE to have all this workout “stuff”. ;) And I’m going to be thankful that we don’t have to worry about spending money on a new roof or a broken water heater or on having to buy more “stuff” to fill more “space”. :)

K. And just to make this a little more “fun”, I have to share just ONE more video I’m loving right now.



Do you think you could live in a “tiny house”?

Do you try to live minimally or do you find yourself thinking you have too much “stuff”??

Pizza review, weekly workouts, and I can’t get enough…

It’s been a while since we’ve tried a new pizza place eh?! That doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating pizza, it just means we really haven’t tried any new pizza places. Boo :( So I decided it was time. Although, we have had Marco’s before, but it’s been years since we’ve had it. And we both remember loving it, so it was time to see if we still love it. Had to get The Hus a plain ole pepperoni and my mom and I got the garden pizza. Thin crust of course. :)


Ya sorry we kinda dove in as soon as we picked it up. :/ That’s what happens when you don’t eat all day apparently. There is a first time for everything.


The garden pizza had onions, mushrooms, black olives, tomatoes, feta, and other cheeses. SO good! The sauce was perfect. The thin crust  was perfect. And there was the perfect amount of veggies. :)

The Hus, Mom, and The Girl who runs for pizza give it a:


So since my time has been extremely limited lately – and will be for another 6 weeks – my workouts have had to change. For starters, I don’t have time to go to the gym for all the classes that I LOVE. And the weather has been COLD as Alaska this week. So thankfully The Hus got our punching bag set up Monday night!

Tuesday: 45 minute boxing workout (my arms were sore for 2 days!)

Wednesday: 3 mile run

Thursday: 30 min strength/circuit workout (my upper body has been KILLING me since!)

Friday: um, nothing?

Saturday: 55 minutes of spinning. On the newest member of the family :)



This is the bike we got and I love it. My mom came over for a test ride too. We love spinning. :)

And then there is this. I can’t get enough of this right now.


And now it’s wine movie night! :)


How to handle not-so-ideal weather.

So you hate winter? Move to Ohio. Even if it’s winter today, it could very well be summer tomorrow. 

You hate the summer heat? Move to Ohio. If it’s a tropical heatwave today, it could very well turn into fall tomorrow.

Don’t care for summer OR winter?? Move to Ohio. Even if it’s winter when you wake up, you could very well experience spring OR fall later that SAME day.

So come on over to OHIO. There’s not too many places where you can enjoy FOUR different seasons all in 1 day. :)

4 seasons


Moral of the story: I haven’t met an Ohioan that knows why they still live in Ohio.

Hot Chocolate Race Review

I’m not sure what all cities this race is in, but I really hope that if they do this race in the south, it’s actually cold for those people. :) I’m just sayin’. That was the coldest race I’ve done so far, but the hot chocolate at the end was the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had. Or maybe it was the fact that it was really cold and it warmed me right up?!


And inside that giant mug, they give you some chocolate fondue and a banana, rice krispy, pretzels, and some wafers to dip. Hello! Worth a 9 mile run? YES!

Along the race, they even pass out handfuls of chocolate and marshmallows. I’m not big on marshmallows, and it was just too early for chocolate, while running, but fun nonetheless.

I tried to track down some feet warmers yesterday, but EVERYWHERE was wiped out. Took about 3 miles for my toes to warm up, and about 6 miles for my fingers to stop tingling, but it was still a lot of fun. I was super glad for fleece lined pants and shirt! And in the beginning, there were s#@* flakes! (I’m not ready to say the ‘s’ word.) And p.s. That was the first time I used that spibelt for my phone, and it’s fabulous! Never  bounced. Never moved. It’s small and flat, so it’s gonna be perfect for any run to just carry my phone – so much  better than the arm bands! Or carrying it. Or the other belts that I have that are more for fuel…

Anyhow. This race was a lot of fun, and well organized – especially for the 5k and 15k because there was a split at mile 2.5 AND both 5k and 15k runners/walkers crossing the finish line at the same time. The official time, for Amy, since I was Amy today because she has a stupid stress fracture in her foot & couldn’t run so she gave me her bib, was 1:28:??. But according to my watch, I ran 9.5 miles in 1:29:03. I know. Overachiever. Or, my watch needs an update or something. ;)

hot choc 15k

So if you want a fun race, cool medal, and chocolate, this is the race to run. :) I think they are adding more cities next year too, so be on the lookout! Oh, and you get a really nice hoodie too! But no pic because it’s still in the bag. I’m saving it for Amy since it was her bib but she couldn’t run. :)

hot chocolate run

Since I have been so busy the last week, and hadn’t ran since last weekend, I was SO excited to run this race and just get out there. The rest of the day was spent taking a nap, doing laundry, prepping lunches, and having our family pasta dinner.


Hope you guys had a great weekend! :)

Are you getting the cold weather and snow yet?

Do you do any winter races??