Emerald City Half Marathon

Hi! :) So my 4th half is in the books! I’m hoping to do ONE more half before my full marathon in October, and then I will probably be done for the rest of the year. Unless…well, you just never know… ;)

Emerald City Half Marathon went really well. I mean, MUCH better than my last half in Cleveland where I walked ran it sick and felt like death. Since I’m in the middle of training though, and have some longer-than-a-half-marathon-distance-runs under my belt shoes, I felt pretty good going into this one. The only thing that was getting me worried was this dang plantar fasciitis, but after nursing my feet for the last week, they never really hurt during the race! Yay! Here’s the start of the race too – my personal photographer is gettin’ better! ;)

So of course I’m never early for anything. I will most likely be late for my own funeral as well. I can see it now: there is a random traffic jam on a remote country road…or the driver gets pulled over for a brake light being out…or the hearse gets a flat tire…or the casket is broke…something. It’s all good though, because I’m sure everyone will wait for me to arrive. :) (Great thoughts, huh?! Haha) ANYWAY! I wasn’t late, but I had 3 minutes to spare when I got to my corral. I had to pee. Kinda bad. But I could see that the lines were still really long. So for the first time ever, I used the porta potty on the course. The very first one. I think it was conveniently located at mile 1. However, I think I burned an extra 500 calories trying to pull my skirt back up with it – and myself – being drenched in sweat already. I think I still managed to get in and outta there in under 3 minutes though – waiting in line behind 3 people and all. So I’d call my first “on the run porta potty stop” a success. :) After another mile though, I was afraid I would have to make another pit stop and I started replaying in my head whether or not the 2 Imodium I took in the car, actually made it down my throat. But alas, they must’ve taken longer to kick in, and it was a false alarm and no other stop was needed. :)

The rest of the run went great though. I didn’t put any music on until about mile 10. The route was pretty quiet and the 2nd half of it was through woods on one of the biking/walking trails – which was ok because I’m used to running on those kinds of paths, but there is no “hype” like you have with running through the city. But the pounding of feet from all the other runners, listening to their music and conversations, was enough for me. I ate a couple shot bloks at mile 9 and since I didn’t take a water bottle, I got some water at one of the stations towards the end – I think it was around mile 10 or 11.


All in all, it was a good race. 2:12:07.  No PR, but that’s quite alright. Next year I’ll focus on a new half marathon PR. Under 2:00 maybe?? ;)


After I finished, I headed over to meet Kris, the owner of Finish Line Engravers. We had connected on FB – or some other social media platform – and had talked through emails/FB, but had never met. And she lives right here in The ‘Bus! So I went over and introduced myself. As “Will Run For Pizza” of course. We chatted while her hubby engraved my medal with my “name”, race time and year. I found out that they started this “little” business last year! She had gone to Germany to run a marathon as an Ambassador for The Columbus Marathon, and when she finished the race, they had a booth there that engraved your medal! She realized that we have nothing like that here in the states, so she told her hubby that they needed to start it up over here. And the rest is history! They have been traveling around to various races and are hoping for more in the next year. I think it’s an awesome idea because then it’s so easy to remember what your time was for that particular race and what year it was. So if you’re part of a race planning team, or know the race directors, you should hit her up! They charge just $10 to engrave your medal and it only takes a few minutes. She’s got her hubby, 2 sons, and daughter-in-law working with her, so it’s quite the fun family business! :)


Me and Kris, from Finish Line Engravers

IMAG1107[1] IMAG1106[1]



So ya. What’s next? The Run Like a Girl half marathon on October 4th, an 18 miler this weekend, and more importantly, kickboxing tonight! :) I went to strength class last night because I KNOW that if I do nothing the day after a long run or race, 48 hours later and you will pushing me around in a wheelchair! Haha

Here’s a little peek at what a typical contact – A.K.A. kickboxing – class looks like:

See ya mañana :)


Do you typically have to use the porta potties during a run?

Have you ever traveled out of the country to race??


Hallelujah my feet survived!

I’ll do an actual race review tomorrow, but for today, just know that my half marathon yesterday went GREAT! And my feet felt GREEEEEAT! Hallelujah for golf balls, icing, proper stretching, and inserts! I didn’t wear the inserts for the race, but I’ll wear them Wednesday for a test run that won’t be too long. The guy at Fleet Feet said to just wear them around for a few days, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I’m anxious to wear them for a run though to see how they do. I’m expecting a miracle here! :)

Anyhow, since I’m nursing a migraine and a sick furkid right now, I’ll post my race review tomorrow. (I think my migraine is a result of stressing over my furkid being sick. Because she’s stressed from her vet appointment on Saturday…no wonder God hasn’t given me human kids – I’m worrying myself sick over my furkid! And I’m typically NOT a worry-er!)

So. I hope you had a great weekend and Monday and you can tune back in tomorrow night for….the rest of the story. :) I’ll just leave you with a little sneak peak…

DSC_0039 DSC_0235

Do you wear inserts when you run? How often do you change them?? Do you wear them for cross-training workouts too???


The party’s cancelled.

It’s the night before a half marathon, did you really think we’d be partying it up tonight like we usually do?! Movies, wine, pizza…the party will have to wait until tomorrow night. :) Tonight, it’s a whole lotta H2O, golf balls, and ice packs. :) And trying to feel “normal”…I’ve felt “off”, or something, all day and it’s driving me up a wall! Anyway, the show race will go on!

I ended up not doing anything yesterday or today. I was going to go to spinning this morning at 8:30, but then I remembered I had to take my furkid to the vet at 8:00, so spinning was out. Boo. But it’s all good. I got my race packet last night, everything ready and set out, and I’m ready to run!



And when I was at the running store picking up my packet, I asked about inserts. One of the guys there checked my feet and arches out and fitted me for some SuperFeet inserts. I wore them around last night and today, but he said not to run in them for tomorrow. So I’ll just wear them around for the week, run in them for my shorter runs this week, and, fingers crossed, they help me for my next long run next weekend!

And now it’s 8:30. Time to wind down and get this party animal ready for some shut eye! :)


Becoming a doctor and a challenge.

About this plantar fasciitis…that I have…because I diagnosed myself…because, well, clearly when you have a degree in Business, you are MORE than qualified to be a doctor and diagnose yourself with medical conditions…clearly. ;)



My week has looked like this:

IMAG1068[1] IMAG1078[1]


Icing all day, e’ryday; and rolling a golf ball under my feet to stretch things out. I got these tips off WebMD Wikipedia. Just kidding. They were actually tips from other running bloggers and things that their doctor – WebMD maybe? – told them to do, and it worked. These 2 tricks are seriously helping the pain in my feet, but my left heel is still pretty sore and tender to walk on. I’m starting to worry a little bit not only about my half marathon THIS SUNDAY!! but also for the rest of my training AND the “big day”. I have an 18 miler next weekend, and then a 20 miler the following weekend. Needless to say, I haven’t run since my 17 miler on Monday…I figured I would take it easy and do other things.

So yesterday, I made up my own 60 minute workout. I figured if I’m going to eventually be a personal trainer, I should probably be able to make up a workout? I think something was off with my workout though because my upper body was SUPER sore, but my lower body was just, “eh”. Pretty sure tonight’s strength class with Alexander sealed the deal for my lower body being sore tomorrow though. #yayforpain


This was my workout….


and I used ALL the bells and whistles I had! (I really wanna get a Bosu ball now…)

So ya, good times. Now not only are my feet killing me, but every muscle in my body hurts. Bring on the half marathon!! :)

Oh! So, Alexander challenged everyone in class tonight to do 1 minute of push ups, every morning, as soon as you get outta bed. Doesn’t that sound like FUN!? I thought so too. So i’m doing it. You in?? It takes 21 days to form a habit, so i’m giving it 21 days. And nope, not even gonna wait until “the 1st” to start it. Although today IS the 21st…how ironic…except that I’ll be starting this on the 22nd…anyway. If I can get The Hus to take my picture each morning (he’s grumpy cat in the morning), then I’ll show you the proof. AS LONG AS, you don’t judge. I’m a total hot mess in the mornings. So if your in too, lemme know and post your morning push up pictures on my FB page! :) Yay for push ups before we’ve even had coffee! Apparently, I’ve been told, push ups done as soon as you roll outta bed, are like caffeine…I’ll be the judge of that. ;)

So. What are YOU thankful for today??
I’m thankful for:


~fresh veggies


~coffee cups. I may or may not have a slight problem with buying coffee mugs…


Last day to be lazy. And I chose it to do my long run. And, yes, I’m still alive.

Obviously I haven’t been around much while I was on vacation for the last 10 days. I was soooooo busy during my vacation, that I just had NO time! Let’s see…there was…sleeping in everyday (until about 8 or 9ish…and one day I didn’t even leave the bed all day…until it was time for strength class at 4:30!)…watching TV (something I rarely do…because when I do watch TV, I get sucked right in and my life is over. Or I save TV for “hibernation days”…A.K.A. “winter”.)….there were food trucks (like, 3 times?)…baking and cooking up some new recipes…daily naps (and by naps, I sort of mean “short bouts of hibernation to prepare for winter”)…a day trip to Cincy to go to Jungle Jims and Ikea…and some workouts (but not as many as I had planned on)…and some NASM studying. Daily. For 1-3 hours. Clearly, we know how to plan a fabulous, memorable vacation and really live it up! ;) So you see, there was just no time for blogging! :( Just lots of lazy and studying…as seen here:


In all honesty though, we – mostly me - REALLY needed this downtime. Aaaaand I kinda just ignored social media. A lot! I think I’ve told you before that I tend to just go-go-go ALL the time, but lately I have been convicted of slowing down and having more “quiet times”. Which is REALLY hard for me! When I do end up making time for “quiet”, I either spend it thinking about what I could/should be doing, or I get interrupted. :) So when our beach trip got bombed, this staycation really turned into a blessing in disguise. Sure, I ended up pretty much having a to-do list the size of The Bible, and tons of stuff that I wanted to do, but not all of it happened like that. :) And it’s ok. It worked out the way it was supposed to, and even though I don’t feel like going back to work tomorrow, I feel ready to get back into a routine. And yes, go-go-go. With maybe one less ‘go’. ;)

Anyway! In another post I’ll have to tell you all about Jungle Jims – an International market. That place was truly amazing and worth the 1.5 hour drive there. That ended up taking over 2 hours because of a traffic jam from construction. #storyofourlife

(HUGE bag of peanuts, 3 of these rows of every hot sauce you can imagine, about 12 aisles of WINES!, and a 773 pound block of cheese.)

jungle jims

So. Last Monday, I did end up finally getting out of bed…around 3:30…to go to strength class. Tuesday I did make it to spinning and kickboxing. Wednesday? Nada. We went to Cincy that day. :) Thursday, made it to strength class. Friday, just a little 4 mile run. Naked. And by naked, I mean, no watch, no music, no ANYTHING! I. Just. Ran. And it was good. My time ended up being 38:??.

Long run for this weekend? Was supposed to be 13 miles. And then 17 miles next weekend. I didn’t make it out to do my long run Saturday OR Sunday. I know…this is why I don’t like to stop. I just get lazier and lazier. And THEN I realized that my next half is NEXT WEEKEND! Emerald City! SO! Since I knew I was going to be doing 13 next weekend, I just decided to switch the runs and do the 17 miler this weekend. IF I could get my butt in gear. And of course, on my last day of vacation, I got my butt in gear. :)

So. My heels/feet have been hurting pretty bad. They started hurting really bad after my 4 miler on Friday – really?! – and have been hurting ever since. I was researching more about it because I got worried about continuing to run on them, but I’m in the middle of training! I did read some helpful tips though – ICE ICE ICE!, Strassburg socks, certain stretches, lay off the speed and hill workouts, slooooowww down, and take shorter strides. I had been doing stretches, but apparently that isn’t enough. The speed and hill workouts, and slowing down & taking shorter strides was something I hadn’t heard before, but numerous people on boards (and a couple bloggers) were saying it helped them, so I figure it’s worth a try. No. More. Speed workouts. Or Hills. Boo. I was starting to enjoy those workouts.

Anyway, I figured I would keep it slow for these 17 miles today (and going forward) and really focus on shorter strides too. And I just may get those socks too…I did kinda cheat for these 17 miles though… :( The Hus had an appointment at noon that he really wanted me to go to, so I packed an extra outfit and figured I would be done with my run by 11:30 and I could just meet him there. Well, I wasn’t done. I still had 2 miles to go. But I knew how bad he wanted me to go to this appointment, and with the stressful situations he has been under lately, I knew I needed to go. SO! I ended at 11:30. At 15 miles. And then 2 hours later, I did another 2 miles. Ya. Does it even count as a long, 17 mile run? I feel like it doesn’t.

IMAG1062[1] IMAG1064[1]

This was actually a pretty good run too! I would have been fine finishing the last 2 miles if I had the time right then and there. It was REALLY hard doing the last 2 miles, 2 hours later! My feet were KILLING me! And they were really the only problem during the 15 miles too. They didn’t hurt at first, but maybe halfway in, they started hurting, and then towards the end, they were hurting pretty good. That was my only negative complaint for this long run. :) The weather was good. I was hydrated. I fueled appropriately. And I felt strong.


However! I did come home and Google if it counts that I did 15 miles, and then 2 miles 2 hours later. Yes, I asked Google that exact question. Don’t tell me you don’t do the same thing! Because I will Google some crazy stuff and it ALWAYS finishes my question before I finish typing it! haha

Anyway, I actually read some good articles about breaking up your long runs into 2 runs if you are a “middle of the pack runner”. A.K.A. you run a 10:00 pace or slower. Hey! That’s me! At least for longer runs. ;) The articles were saying that anything over 2-2.5 hours isn’t really doing anything for your training besides mental preparation. And even if you DO run longer, you will still have to have some mental talks during your marathon. They were saying that by splitting say, an 18 miler, into 2 runs, you would still be running on fatigued legs for the 2nd half of the long run. You could do a partial run in the morning and finish in the evening; or an evening and the next morning run; or a morning and the next morning run. And any of those combinations are going to mean you are running that 2nd run on tired legs and it’s going to be the same mental game as if you did it all at once. (Obviously I’m taking bits and pieces from the articles, but I’ll give you the links at the end of this post so you can read for yourself.) They were just saying that by breaking up your long run (if you aren’t a speed demon), you could actually end up with less injuries and be better “recovered” for race day. I’m not saying this is what I’ll be doing now, but it made me feel better and it was interesting to read.

And that’s a wrap! On to grocery shopping, packing lunches, and getting back into the work grind/routine. :)

Have you ever split up your long run? How did it go if you did??

What have YOU been up to the last week?? Are you or your kids back in school yet? (Why does summer have to end???? WHY!!!)



Links to the articles about breaking up your long runs: