It should have been Friday two days ago.

Since The Hus is now a runner, he apparently “needs” ALL the running things.

Phils running

New running clothes, hydration belt(s), hats, Balega socks, Oofos for slippers, Oofos for outside, shoe insoles, SHOES, compression sleeves, and NOW…

Bluetooth wireless headphones.

Guys. I don’t even have any wireless bluetooth headphones and I’ve been running for over 20 years. I mean seriously. However, I’m just glad he’s doing SOMETHING to take care of himself! :)

Aaaaand, since it WAS his birthday on Sunday…I figured what the heck…might as well let him be the guinea pig with testing out some bluetooth headphones. 😉

I did a little bit of research and after debating between the powerbeats2 wireless earbuds, and the plantronics backbeat fit earbuds, we decided to go with the plantronics ones. They had good reviews and were half the price. It’s one of those things where, if they suck, it was “only” $85, but if they are great, WE SCORED. (My mom even went in on them together for his b-day. It was weird, all his b-day  presents this year have been running related…I guess if ya nag them long enough, they will do what you want them to do. 😉 )



They are shorter in the back than the beats ones too – which we both liked.





And they aren’t a hard, stiff plastic – they are almost like a rubber-ish material, so they fold up nicely.



Came with a really nice case…




That reverses into an arm phone carrier!




And it looks like it holds a good sized phone! I mean, since phones are about the size of a small child now…




He did run with them the other night and said he loved them, so I’m ordering myself a pair now so that I will have them for the Erie Marathon. :)

Speaking of headphones and marathons, has anyone seen this at Trader Joe’s and tried it yet???



K, maaaaaaaybe that has nothing to do with headphone and marathons…but HAVE YOU TRIED IT?!?! SO YUM! BUT! Super caliente. So if you are kind of a baby (THE HUS) when it comes to spicy hot things, you maaaaay not wanna try it…  😉

Speaking of spicy hot things, guess who is back at hittin’ it hard this week with workouts?! Yup, THIS crazy!

Ok, reality check. I “hit it hard” on Tuesday and Wednesday…Today, I can’t move. Soooooo, I’m NOT gonna “hit it hard” today.

Monday I was gonna go to the park for a few miles, but as soon as I walked in the door, it was hurricane season outside. So we ran to Target. Makes sense.

Buuuuuuut come TUESDAY, I went to contact (kickboxing) and beat the crap out of a bag. And within the first 15 minutes, I used up, I’m guessing here, maybe 3 of my lives. I mean, if I was a cat…He had us do 25 minutes of upper body, then 25 minutes of lower body. THAT combo alone, made it brutal. IF I wanted to be like Ronda Rousey, I would now be well on my way to being fight ready.

Wednesday, upper body was more sore than lower body, but after actually getting up at 5am and making it to the speed workout, my lower body was starting to hurt more. The speed workout for ME, since I have a marathon in less than 2 weeks, was 5 x 1000’s.


Then, since one of the guys who takes all of Alexander’s classes started teaching a strike class at Lifetime, I’ve been wanting to get to it. Since he would, inevitably, be similar style to Alexander’s classes…

So! Made it to his 6:30 P.M. strike class last night, and as of an hour ago, my lower body is JUST as sore as my upper body. Except, all the pain is equally worse than it was yesterday. Hence the lazy day today. :)

(Read with a sarcastic voice): And now i’m off to fun in the workplace.

P.S. Ever since 9:37 a.m. on Tuesday, I’ve been ready for 5:30 p.m. on Friday. Monday and Tuesday alone felt like 5 days.

Do you use bluetooth wireless headphones when you workout?? Which ones and what do you have to say about them???

Responsible marathon training last week. 6   Recently updated !

Or not.


Y’all. I ran once last week.




And I did NO other workouts.




I had my last 20 miler the previous weekend. (And I say “20 miler” loosely, because it was only 19.2…) And this past weekend, I did 11 miles. It’s all downhill now. :)


Less than 2 weeks!


Anyway. Was that responsible of me to slack off during marathon training?




But you know what? Life happens.


I ran last Tuesday – go me!




Wednesday, totally slept through all 3 alarms AND my pace coach texting me to go to the speed workout…I kinda remember an alarm going off, but I must have been so out of it that I didn’t really wake up to realize what I needed to do: get up. And of course, Wednesday night I had an eye appointment that lasted a while, so I couldn’t go to the evening speed workout either. The day was a wash.


And I had even wanted to go to a girls coding meetup after my eye appointment, but that didn’t fit in my evening either. :(


Thursday night, The Hus’ work gang had dinner plans at Carsonie’s, and since I got out of work late, hit traffic, and was feeling guilty at the thought of skipping the dinner and going to the track, I figured it would better to be a good wife and go to his work dinner since spouses were invited and I think he kinda really wanted me to go…(longest sentence EVER right there, I need a breathe just re-reading that one)


Friday, I figured I would just go to the track and just do the speed workout from Wednesday that I skipped, but while a friend and I were at work talking about Whole Foods wine night, she was like, “you wanna go tonight?!”


Ummm, hello. Track workout or wine? C’mon now. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to make that decision! 😉 And p.s. their wine night theme was ‘tailgating’. It was all reds, and ohmygoodness, ALL the wines were great! And all the snacks were GREAT! I made a good decision.


Saturday morning, I’m not going to say that I didn’t do my long run.




BUUUUUUT! I am going to say that I skipped running with MIT and I did my 11 miles on my own.


Why? Well, since running with a group for all of my long runs lately, and then doing speed workouts with the group, I haven’t had any “alone time runs”. I mean, I have, but they have been shorter runs, and I’ve usually listened to music during those runs. I just kinda wanted a long run, no music, no chit chat, just a morning to run and think and enjoy the peace. Ya  copy?


So I slept in a little bit – til about 6:30, which IS sleeping in on a Saturday during marathon training! – and then went to the park around 7:30.




It was such a gorgeous morning too. It was supposed to get hot that day, and it DID get hot later on, but I missed the heat! :)




I DID however, get in a run AND an obstacle course.




That huge tree was across the path, so we all had to climb through it to get around.

It really ended up being the run that I needed and I had some great thoughts. But since this became a long post about my excuses explanations for why I only worked out one time last week, besides my long run on Saturday, I’ll save my running thoughts for another day. :)


Some things to think about… 4   Recently updated !

Guys. I’m still en route to the end of The Happiness Project. The Dream Shatterer says he has never seen me read a book so slow, haha.

It’s just a different kind of read when it’s not fictional though, ya know what I’m sayin’?! With a fictional book, you just lose yourself in the story and before you know it, your IN the story and the weekend is over because your Monday morning alarm clock is going off.

In a non-fictional book, or “self-help” book, I dunno about yoooouuuu, but I like to highlight, take notes, bunny-ear pages to revisit them, etc…So it takes a lot longer to read!

So here are a few words from the book that I really like, that got me thinking, and since they got me thinking, I thought it only fair to give you something to think about too. 😉 I know, I’m such a thoughtful person. :)


OooooK! Here goes!


Keep a gratitude notebook.

     Rubin states, “Gratitude is important to happiness. Studies show that consistently grateful people are happier and more satisfied with their lives; they even feel more physically healthy and spend more time exercising.”

I know that, for me, even though I don’t have my life completely together right now – actually, who does, anyway?! – I DO have more than a lot of people. But just like the next person, we have a natural tendency to focus on the things we DON’T have.

Sometimes the idea of keeping a diary, and having to write a book in it each day, scares people away from keeping a diary; but with a gratitude notebook, you can just write a one-liner in it each day of something (or a few somethings) that you are grateful for. This will not only give you something to refer back to later on down the road when you are having a pity-party for yourself because all your friends are buying houses, going on trips, etc…, it will FORCE you to FIND something to be grateful for in that moment.


Money doesn’t bring happiness, but HOW you spend the money you DO have, can bring happiness.

Rubin states: “Whether rich or poor, people make choices about how they spend money, and those choices can boost happiness or undermine it.”

I kind of really like this. Because our country has such a spirit of “materialism” and the good ‘ole “American Dream”, but yet, these things STILL aren’t making us happy. I think that instead of trying to build, build, build your bank account, we need to start focusing on WHERE we spend our money.

Are we just building our bank account and buying everything under the sun to just “keep up with the Joneses”? Or are we buying these things because we actually enjoy them and they make us happy? Are we giving money away? There are so many things to think about with this statement, but it just really makes you stop and think.

Spending $200 on a pillow might make my Hus happy because he gets terrible sleep and likes a good pillow, whereas I could practically sleep with NO pillow and be happy. Just little things like that. It doesn’t even have to be the big things. If we chose where we spent our money better, and spent it on things that actually make us happier, and improve our lives, maybe we wouldn’t be trying to fill a void buying so many non-essentials?

Just a thought…feel free to share your thoughts. 😉

Do you keep a diary or journal or something like a gratitude notebook? How often/much do you write in it??

What are some things that you have, or want, to buy that would make you happier? I’m not talking about a Porsche or mansion in Italy…I think both of those things would make us all “happy”…I’m talking about things that would improve our lives and in turn happiness…a pet? a pillow? a set of GOOD knives (yes please.)? taking vacations? etc…I think we all have something that we like to focus on spending money on, because it makes us happy doing that “thing”…



Last long run of Erie Marathon training! 2   Recently updated !

Hi guys!

So I’m officially done with the long runs for the Erie Marathon! (LESS THAN 3 WEEKS AWAY!!!!!!!)


Last weekend was my last 20 miler! About that 20 miler…it ended up only being 19.2…don’t ask. Let’s just say that the extra 4 miles I had to do after the group was done with their 16, was harder than the first 16. 😉


There were some walk breaks in those last – solo – miles, some bathroom breaks, and I had some clumsy tripping-over-cracks-in-the-sidewalk moments and running into other runners…Good riddance to THAT run! haha


I think the worst part of it all, was finishing the last mile UP HILL. Like, two, graaaaadual, long  hills. With a steep incline at the very top. There was a lot of walking up the hills…



Other than the mishaps, and the 2 hills at the end, the weather was freaking PERRRRRRFECT!!!!!!!!!!!



You can tell that fall is heading this way. :)

And THIS weekend, I’m really looking forward to only having 12 miles! :)

Oh, here was our 11:30 pace group from Saturday too:


So what I’ve learned from marathon training this year is this: 

~ Running with a group makes all the difference in the world

~ Fueling is key and you NEED to learn what your body NEEDS to perform

~ Two strength workouts a week will keep the injuries,… um, I got nothin’ to rhyme here….uh, away?

~ Long runs started before 10 am on a Saturday make you feel like you still have a Saturday to enjoy 😉

~ Speed workouts are fun and productive. Even at 5:30 am :)

Definitely worth every penny I paid and can’t wait to sign up for the winter group too. :)


Sunday and Monday I took OFF!

Tonight I did an easy 4 miler.

And as I was finishing up my run, at 7:30 pm, and I was really enjoying the cooler weather and the crisp smell of fall in the air, I realized that with my new work schedule, I’ll practically never be able to run outside once the time changes and it’s winter time…waaaaaah



Of course The Dream Shatterer reminded me that I still have my Lifetime membership (because my treadmill sucks and is way to hard to run on and I want to sell it) and I can go there and use the treadmill. Yay. The treadmill. I’m so excited. (Please note the dry, non-enthusiastic tone of my voice here folks.)

Yay for fall, boo for earlier dark days.

How’s your week?  Are you excited for all things pumpkin?? (I told The Hus we can’t start on all things pumpkin until September 1st.) 

Fall & Winter Activities 6

I know. I said the word.

But don’t ask me to say it again, because I won’t.

But you guys, time is flying, and that sinful word is gonna be here before we know it. :(

The last few days, I’ve been making a list for some winter time activities. Because, 1) And I know I’m not the only one here, but I have a tendency to become depressed during the, um, “dark, cold season/months”; and 2) I have some things that I would like to do & work on, but I haven’t wanted to do them over the summertime, because it’s just too dang nice outside to be inside, and there are just too many other fun things to do; and 3) It’ll give us something to look forward to, be excited about, and do something different.

So, without further ado, here is my list. So far…

~ Apple festival (September)

~ Pumpkin festival (October)

~ Photography class (I really want to learn how to actually use our camera)

~ Cooking classes

~ Food tours

~ Visit local coffee shops

~ Jungle Jims & Ikea in Cincy

~ Wine and paint nights at different wineries

~ Wine tastings on Friday nights at Whole Foods in Easton (since, apparently, they SHOULD be finally opening on 9/2!!!!!!!)


~ Put Lifetime on hold and signup for Classpass again – something new for when I’m done marathon training for a few months and I can switch it up with some new-to-me classes

~ Blown glass class at Glass Axis

~ Ballets/plays

~ Work on my blog

~ Go to more Girls Develop It (GDI) meetups to learn about coding and website development

~ Stock up on gear for: camping, fishing, and kayaking. Because THAT fun IS happening next summer!


So tell me, what are some of your fall/winter (I know, I said it again. SORRY!) activities that you look forward to in the “cold, dark months”??