Thera-Gesic review and….A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!   Recently updated !

I was sent a tube of Thera-Gesic cream to try out, and it’s safe to say that after using it a number of times over the last couple of months, it works. It contains methyl salicylate (wintergreen), but only 15% – which is actually much safer for you than some other brands which contain around 30%.


I really only use this cream after my longer runs since my calves and quads are always so sore, and between the cream, and my compression socks, my legs typically feel a lot better the next day. And recovering with some wine never hurts… ;)


do have to warn you though, I learned this the hard way, the first time I used this stuff, don’t put on a super thick layer, and don’t rub it in too long! It ends up setting your skin on fire. Or maybe that’s just me and my sensitive skin…haha. After that first time, I just used 1 thin layer and rubbed it in until it was just all rubbed in, and it never burned again. The directions do say that if you don’t like the menthol smell, you can wash the skin where you applied it, after it’s all dried into your skin, and you don’t wash the cream off, but you can get rid of the scent. I never did that because well, I like the smell of menthol, and I like smelling like an old lady. :)

So if you wanna try this Thera-Gesic pain relieving cream, and smell like an old lady with me, Thera-Gesic is giving one reader, a 6 month supply of the cream AND a $100 visa gift card! To enter the giveaway, you can go here:

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This is a sponsored post brought to you by Thera-Gesic. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Good luck and have a great Monday!


Training for back-to-back half marathons.

So my back-to-back half marathons are officially 9 weeks away! Figured it was finally time to start “officially” training for them…I mean, I have started training for the other 2 halves that are happening before the back-to-back halves, but I needed to do some back-to-back longer runs to get my legs used to longer distances 2 days in a row.

So Friday, I did 12 miles. I got 9 miles in at the park, but daylight ran out, so I picked up The Hus and we went to the community center for me to finish the other 3 miles. (He rode a bike while I was on the TM). I felt really good for both the 9 mile “outside run”, and the 3 mile TM run. I’ve figured out that my Mizuno wave enigma 3’s leave me with ZERO heel pain. ZERO!!! I love it.


The only issue I had, was the mega blister from my toe warmers. :( I didn’t feel it coming on until about mile 7 or 8 (on Friday), and it wasn’t super bad, but I was worried about how much it was gonna hurt for my run the next day. BUT! I put a bandaid on it, and put my toe warmer on so that it wouldn’t rub on it again, and all was well. It’s pretty much gone now. :)

It was pretty cold both days – lined pants, 3 layers on top, 2 pairs of gloves, toe warmers, and had to wear my hood – but the sun was out both days and it was pretty. :)

Turkey trot going on…

And on Saturday’s 8 mile run, these hills did me in. They stopped me dead in my running and forced me to walk. They look like nothing, but do not be deceived! They are hills!

Also, on Saturday’s run, I realized that my 2nd half marathon, is going to be rough. And painful. And mental. After 4 miles, I wanted to stop. I REALLY wanted to do 10 miles, but I didn’t have it in me. 8 was it. My goal for that run, was to just run. Just get the miles in. I didn’t care how fast or slow I was going. I just wanted to get my legs accustomed to running a longer distance the day after running, a longer distance. I was SUPER glad when I got a message later that day from a girl at Lifetime who asked if I was still doing the Pittsburgh half, because her and her running buddy are signing up. That will be good. She runs about the same pace as me, maybe slightly faster, so hopefully, having people to run with will help me keep moving. And moving at a good pace. Regardless of how tough it will be, I’m excited.

Friday’s miles:

Saturday’s miles:

And after Saturday’s 8 miles, the rest of the afternoon was spent at the pool with The Hus, nephew, and my mom.

That was the ONLY picture of the day. I’m not sure who was more worn out from all the climbing of the stairs for the water slides, the lazy river, the vortex, and swimming – us or V…We ALL slept good THAT night!

And now the weekend is over :(

When was the last time you went to a water park? What’s the best water park??

Facts on Friday. #4. And some TMI. 2

Here we go. The most exciting day of the week. Maybe it’s the most exciting day of the week for other reasons, but whatever…

Fact #1. I was listening to a podcast today about “diabesity”, and they said this: fast food salads are chock full of……….drum roll please……….SUGAR. Sugar!!!!! (And in case you wanna listen to that podcast, I found it on Stitcher, and it was called ‘The Model Health Show #091 – Conquering Diabesity’. Good stuff.)

Fact #2. I had a couple pieces of Dove dark chocolate in my purse last night, and I threw my phone in my purse and when I pulled it out later, my phone was super hot and the chocolate had melted all over my phone….as my Hus would say, “I’m just over here tryin’ to make it in this world.”

Fact #3. This is probably TMI, but i’m not ashamed. Why does your pee smell so bad after you eat asparagus?! We had asparagus twice this week…

It was so good and worth it though…

Fact #4. I have a tendency of putting waaaaaay too many purple onions on my salads, and then my stomach is on FIRE all afternoon.

Fact #5. My workplace environment is…well…cold. COLD! I am typically wrapped up in a blanket like this all day, e’ry day.

And it’s been so cold lately, that my neighbor – who is a dude – said one day this week, “I actually wore long underwear today, and I was NOT hot.” haha. NOONE can get warmed up at work anymore! 3 weeks til spring…3 weeks til spring…

Fact #6. The Dream Shatterer suggested to me this week that I should learn a little bit more IT stuff, and start looking for IT jobs. My response? “I could apply and get an IT job NOW! I already know how to walk someone through restarting their system…AND I know how to give out phone numbers for other departments. (Because it’s always “another department’s problem”…) (I’m kidding here – kinda. ;) I can make fun of this job b/c my Hus works in IT.)

Fact #7. The other day when I was putting The Hus through a workout, he made the comment that he can’t wait until he’s back in shape and isn’t sore from workouts any more. I laughed. And laughed. Aaaaaand laughed. I’m “in shape” and I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t sore from a workout! Unless my workout that day was sitting in the hot tub or something…

Fact #8. I have to repeat things to The Hus SO many times – like what my plans are that day – that I finally downloaded a calendar app on our phones so that I can put my schedule in there and share it with him. And I make sure to have it alert him within 1-4 hours of my “event”. This should help my sanity. ;) (We are using the app called ‘Squarehub‘. So far so good.)



Fact #9. (Sorry, I seem to have a lot of facts to tell you this week…) I made the overnight oats a couple times this week, and man! They were so good, AND I never snacked throughout the day because they kept me super satisfied. However, The Hus is calling them “princess oats”. He makes fun of me saying that whenever I say I have a new recipe to make, it’s like, a $70 recipe that is for 1 meal. Apparently i’m a princess now because I have been making my oats the night before (since they are called “overnight oats”…) and adding all kinds of yummy stuff – blueberries, cinnamon, peanut butter, almond milk, coconut flakes, and flax seeds – and he just wakes up, scoops some oats in a bowl, adds some water, heats it up, and eats. Whatever. I like my princess oats. And I haven’t lost my energy in the afternoon!

K. I THINK that’s it. Have a great weekend! :)


Just 2 things. 2

1. For the last 2 days, I had been thinking about, and wanting, some bacon. Yes. Bacon. I just wanted it. I can’t remember the last time I had it. Oh, actually, probably a couple months ago when I made my leek soup…anyhow. When bacon popped into my head, I knew I needed some. For dinner. Breakfast for dinner. Since last night was leftover Tuscan bean soup, I put pancakes and bacon on the dinner menu for tonight. BLUEBERRY pancakes to be exact! I had been dreaming about this dinner for 2 days now. And it was everything I thought it would be. :)


2. I saw Kara Goucher wearing these mint Zensah sleeves and I knew I had to have them.  MINT! This is the first pair of Zensah compression socks/sleeves I have bought, and I have to say, they are super soft! Like, SOFT!! I love.


Ok. Sorry. THREE!

3. Speaking of mint, and Oofos, Oofos just advertised for MINT flip flops!!!! Uuuuuummmmm, YES PLEASE! Look how pretty the mint is…


(I stole this pic from their FB page, but between now and March 4th, you can get free shipping and a drawstring bag for your shoes!)

Wait. Just one more. SORRY! FOUR!!

4. I had to bust out the Oofos sandals tonight because my left heel has been killing me again! The last 3 or so runs have been painful. Tonight, I did a mile on the track at the community center, then I had to move the last 2 miles to the TM because my heel was hurting so bad. Instant relief once I hopped on the TM. AND I was able to speed it up! Now I’m just over here healing myself with sandals and socks…and bacon. ;)


(My watch wouldn’t work indoors, so all the proof I have of tonight’s run, is the 2 TM miles…)

And that is all. ;)

What do you like on/in your pancakes? I put honey on mine instead of syrup. SO good.

What’s your favorite color?? Mine is green obviously. All the shades of greens…

THE worst 10 mile run of my life, and I have a new project. 6

Monday is OVER y’all! Hal-le-freakin-lujah! :) And hey! like 3.5 weeks til spring?! We only got the worst blizzard of the whole entire winter over this past weekend…snowed in again. Although, The Hus actually wanted to get outta the house and go sign up at the community center, so who am I to say that the roads were too bad?! (He won’t let us drive when there is a centimeter of snow, but it’s ok to drive in 12 feet of snow…that boy.)

Anyhow, we went and picked my mom up, told her she’d have to spend the night cuz we weren’t taking her back home, and we all went to the community center. The Hus and I got signed up, and then we all hit the fitness area. I had wanted to do my 10 miles on Friday night, but we ended up going to a movie (Jupiter Ascending – don’t waste your money. There was no acting. Just special effects.) I knew that regardless, I was going to have to do my 10 miles on a treadmill because the sidewalks weren’t plowed. At least, where we drove around, and where I typically run, they weren’t plowed….the temperature was fine to run in, but I wasn’t running on the roads. SO. Treadmill it was! Only, when we got to the gym, I got 2 miles in on the treadmill, and then I had to put The Hus and my mom through a workout. He said they are my new “projects”. This is a good thing, yes. The Hus finally wanting to workout, but it messed with my routine. I’m not complaining!…or at least, trying NOT to complain…I just have to create a schedule for us all…

I need to find a new routine. I haven’t had a solid workout routine since I put my Lifetime membership on hold about 4 months ago, and this weekend it all finally caught up with me. My Hyde side really came out. It was just one of those weekends where I was about to “lose it” constantly. The Dream Shatterer was getting on my nerves, having 1 car is getting annoying, being stuck at home is frustrating, not having a gym membership makes working out NOT fun, and I haven’t really had any  “friend dates” recently (we now have a date night scheduled to go bowling with our friends, Rachel and Don. :) ). Being the extrovert that I am, I think you can see how my head was ready to explode.

Anyhow, I did my 2 miles, then had them do some upper body exercises. I have to remember to take it a little easier on him though…I just had them do 20 minutes of cardio – they switched every 5 minutes between the elliptical and the rowing machine – and then the machines.

3 sets of 12 of each:

bicep curl

arm extension

incline press

chest press


rear deltoid row

I was going to have them do 2 more arm machines and 2 ab machines, but someone couldn’t lift his arms…I admit, I loved hearing him whine about how sore he was. ;) It’s Monday and he’s still whining. I put him through legs tonight so his whole BODY will be good and sore tomorrow! :) Tonight he did 12 minutes on the bike, and then some leg stuff using the bosu ball and a med ball. I actually did it all with him – after I had already done 2 miles at home on the treadmill, a TRX workout, and I ran another mile on the track at the community center while he did his 12 minutes of cardio. I’M tired!

SO! Saturday, the only thing I got done, was 2 miles on the TM, and then I swam 12 laps, and then we all sat in the hot tub while watching the snow come down. :)

Sunday, I knew I had to get that 10 miler in, so back to the community center I went…and it was the worst 10 miles of my life. 1. Since I had already been thinking about and dreading this 10 mile TREADMILL run, I already wasn’t excited about it. 2. The TM at the community center shut off after 30 minutes. So I had to keep restarting. 3. There was a guy on the TM next to me that was singing “Jingle Bells”. Just no. Christmas is over and it’s time for spring songs. Like, “whistle while you work”…or something. 4. The fitness area is upstairs, so it was SUPER hot up there! Which is fine, but I wasn’t prepared for that. I felt like I wanted to throw up the whole time. 5. I felt super bloated the whole time too. 6. When I paused the machine at one point to pick up my towel, because it fell off the handlebar and went flying across the belt behind me, the whole machine stopped. I was beyond frustrated at this point, so I got off and decided to do the last 3 miles on the track. And my Nike app wouldn’t work. No wifi? 10 times around is a mile though…yay.


But I finished the 10. As painful and frustrating as it was, I finished. And I have to say, it’s actually kinda nice that they have this little track…really broke things up!


I’m trying to NOT have a bad attitude about the little things that frustrated me about the community center. It’s not that they are bad, it’s just that I was used to things at LT and I need to “figure this gym/locker room” thing out, and get in a new routine. :)

P.S. You need to watch the movie ‘4 minute mile’. SO good! It’s on Netflix of course. ;)

And now that I finally warmed my belly with this Tuscan bean soup, and I got 2 workouts in tonight, i’m WHIPPED!


Hope you have a great Tuesday!