A chaotic 12 mile run.

Hi. Long time no talk. Not really I guess…just a couple days…So remember how I conned The Hus into buying us bikes so that he could ride a bike with me during my long runs? The debate is still out with whether or not that was a good idea… :) It took us a good hour/hour and a half just to get out the door. He couldn’t find his headphones…then he couldn’t figure out what shoes matched his outfit (really?)…the list goes on. We didn’t leave until about 12:45 I think.

I had used ‘Map my Run‘ to plan a 12 mile run around town, but as soon as we started out, I was regretting it because of all the stop and go downtime at the intersections. THEN! There were so many times where the sidewalk just…RAN OUT! Which, I guess is fine, but my feet were soaked and muddy within the first mile. I mean, it was drizzling the whole time too… Good times. :)



I wore my new belt – LOVE IT! It was so convenient and it never bothered me once! #gooddecision

One of my other problems, was that I hadn’t eaten much between Thursday and Friday, so my energy and fuel levels ran out pretty early. Then The Hus’ sugar dropped. (He’s diabetic, kinda.) The last 2 weeks he’s been doing really good eating and exercising more (he RAN 2 MILES FRIDAY NIGHT!!!!! YAAAA!), so he has no idea how to fuel for working out, AND he’s trying to get off of his sugar pills. I gave him some of my Nuun and gummies. And I had taken a Bear Naked bar for him, but it wasn’t enough. We were kinda close to the running store, so we made a little detour to the running store and he bought us some more gummies (I only had 6 left in the package I grabbed :( Smart, I know.). More gummies just wasn’t gonna cut it for HIM though, so he left me at that point and went to eat an actual meal. That was at mile 6. So I finished the second half a little faster. ;) I did get pretty thirsty for water about mile 9, and when I stopped in a gas station to get a drink from a water fountain, they didn’t have a water fountain. :( Note to self: stick $5 in your running belt for times such as these.  I survived though and made it home. From start to finish, I think I was gone over 3 hours. haha. Total chaos I tell ya. BUT, next time we will be better prepared and Philco realizes that he will need to eat more before a workout like that. (Is it bad that I’m glad he experienced that though, because maybe now he’ll get off my back about telling me I eat too many carbs! ;) )



So that was that. We ended up taking naps later and then having movie night.

Sunday was a rest day. And by rest day, I mean REST DAY! I caught up on the whole 3rd season of ‘Revenge’, and got The Hus to take me to Whit’s for some custard. Since it was National Ice Cream day and all. ;) I didn’t have my phone to show you how good it was, but mint chocolate chip and chocolate sea salt caramel = YUMMMM!!!

Today I had an appointment after work, so I never made it to Strike at the gym. So I went to the park with Phillipi. I did 4 miles and he did 2.



And then I made some chocolate zucchini bread and fried zucchini with the zucchini that one of Philco’s coworkers gave him. I’ll post the bread recipe in a minute. :)

IMAG0671[1] IMAG0673[1] IMAG0674[1]


Did you have ice cream for National Ice Cream day?? What kind??? What’s your favorite?



Writing Process Tour

Leslie, over at Life Begins at 30?, asked me if I wanted to jump on board with the “writing process tour”. Basically, it’s a way to see “behind the scene/post”, of your favorite blogs, and find out why and how bloggers “do what they do”. So here’s some answers to what “fuels my passion”. :)

1. What am I working on?

 The post that is about to be published. ;) Seriously. I don’t consider myself OCD, but I do hate having unfinished posts in a draft status. Maybe I am OCD?! I mean, I have ideas and subjects that I want to do a post about, but those are just listed as bullets in a my phone’s notepad app. Seriously. I’m a real professional like that. :)

2. How does my work differ from others of it’s type/genre?

As far as other running blogs, sometimes I feel as if I’m not as much of a runner as some other bloggers. But I’ve just recently gotten into the racing scene, and training for my first marathon, so I know I’ll keep challenging myself more and more. I just really talk about everything on here – day to day stuff, food, other workouts (which I do a lot of cross training), running, etc…

3. Why do I write what I write?

I write about health and fitness mostly because that is my passion. My entire life has been up and down with dieting, weight loss, weight gain, etc…so when I gave up diets 3 years ago, lost 35 pounds, got back into exercising and running, got into the best shape of my life, and have stayed consistently passionate about it all, it fueled a fire for fitness and health. I love sharing experiences, things I’ve learned along the way, things I’ve failed at, and an encouraging word; so naturally, that passion lead to blogging. I like to “write the way I talk”. I want to be genuine in the way that, I can share a failure with you, but also share how it can – or I did, or am - overcoming the failure. Or hurt. Or whatever. I think there is something to be said for being vulnerable with people. It’s relatable. And I want to be relatable. I want to inspire you to see the weaknesses you naturally have, and also see that there is a way to turn them into a strength. Or you know what? Even just work with what ya got! So ya. I write what I write because I hope that it encourages someone to go out and try something new, take their health into their own hands, inspire someone else, get back up after falling down, help someone else up after they have fallen down, and always be moving forward. :)

4. How does your writing process work?

 I’m a “blogger by night” type of girl. So my posts are basically revolved around my super active, chaotic, fun-filled, adventurous days. :) What? You don’t get that my days are super active, chaotic, fun-filled, and adventurous from my blog posts?! I would like to do a post once a day, but let’s be real, my life isn’t that adventurous every day. So it’s every other day or so. And then I’ll do a post that recaps the last few days of workouts, new stuff, something I read, etc…ya know, whatever comes to my mind and whatever happened that I think you should know. I don’t really find it hard to write, so I just sit down and basically start writing my post. Add in the pictures that I took of my life/food/workout/furkid. Proof read the post and make corrections. And then, BAM!, I hit publish. Maybe I should be putting more thought and effort into it?? I dunno.


Push-up variations.

Can you tell where this post is coming from yet?? Strength class tonight…Alexander came back to us…and made up for ditching us last week…and most likely watched too many super hero movies today. That’s where these moves are coming from. :)

And if those push-ups weren’t enough for ya, try this variation. :)

AAAAAnd if you STILL need more of a challenge, or just want to work some abs in the process, you could do these: 

Or just do 1-2 minutes of all three of them! And then go back 2 more times for 2 more rounds. :) Your welcome. I just KNEW you would want to know about these “Alexander-inspired push-up variations”. ;)

Speed day back at the track!

Yup. I took it to the track. And it was beautiful. My mom and I owned the track for an hour, and it was like, 68 degrees. Perfect. IMAG0639[1]   Here was my workout…and in between the speed intervals – a.k.a. “recovery” – I did a run/walk combo.

400 m – warm up

400 m – 8:00 pace

400 m – recovery

400 m – 8:00 pace

200 m – recovery

200 m – 7:00 pace

200 m – recovery

200 m – 7:00 pace

200 m – recovery

200 m – 7:00 pace

200 m – recovery

200 m – 7:00 pace

400 m – recovery

600 m – 8:20 pace

400 m – recovery

600 m – 8:20 pace

400 m – recovery

400 m – 8:00 pace

400 m – recovery

400 m – 8:00 pace

200 m – recovery

200 m – 7:00 pace

200 m – recovery

200 m – 7:00 pace

400 m – recovery


It feels great having tired legs. I’m just chillin’/sleepin’ using the BioSkin sleeves to help them recover. :) And i’ll be wearing these for my long run this weekend too.



P.S. I FINALLY decided on a running belt/system. I know, I know…I haven’t actually used it yet, but I feel confident. After my 11 miler last weekend and wanting to throw my water bottle, I started researching belts again. Belts that would hold my phone and carry my stuff and water. As I was researching, I came across these little pocket-belt-flap-thingies, on Amazon that is pretty much for a phone, and it just slides onto the belt. Perfect. The Hus ended up buying me a Nathan belt that has a 22 oz bottle. I know I wanted the 2-10 oz bottles, but I wondered if it would feel out of balance if one bottle was empty? Anyway, got the belt. Got the pouch in the mail today. I’m ready to try it out this weekend for my 12 miler. :)

Those are Vanna hands, btw…


Actually has 2 pockets/sleeves.



And this is the brand:



So there ya have it. I’ll let ya know how I like it after my next long run. :)

What do you use for your water/fuel for long runs? At what mileage do you carry fuel/water??

Kayaking and a hill workout.

My first time kayaking on Saturday was a success! As soon as we have more storage space, I’m buying a couple kayaks for sure! What a great, relaxing workout! And I’m a fish, so anything on/in the water is right up my alley. We had bought a Groupon for 4, for a 4 mile trip, and then one of Philco’s work buddies came with us, but if we had our own kayaks, it’d be a cheap, fun cross-training workout!


Saturday night, me, Rachel (it was a Rachel-filled day), and Chandra went to North Market’s wine festival. It was….well…great after we used our brains for the good of the team. It was $25 for 10 tickets. At our first “tasting”, they told us it was 4 tickets. After they had poured our wine…it was then that we looked at the brochure and realized that each winery and wine was a different number of tickets. So we stuck with the 1′s and 2′s. :) We went to try wines! Not have 2 little ounces for $25! So. After we tried a few wineries, we each had a $5 food voucher for inside the market, so we headed inside to get something. As we passed a wine booth, we happened to ask if they take the $5 food vouchers, and they did, so we put our vouchers together, found a bottle of wine that was $14.99 (red blend), paid the $.04, and found a picnic table. :) We are true winos. :)

IMAG0618[1] IMAG0619[1]

Sunday. Rest day. :)

Monday we made it to strike. My back is still killing me!

And tonight? The Hus and I had an appointment after work, so I knew I wouldn’t make it to spinning and contact, so I figured I would just go to the park and do a short little run. It has cooled down a little here, so it really was the perfect night to run – 68 degrees! It was about 8:00 before I headed out to the park, and I decided I was going to head over to Hoover Dam and do some hill work on the stairs. Ya. 1. It was busy! But I love it when it’s busy. It motivates me. I love seeing people exercising and enjoying life. 2. Hills are not fun. They had 2 sets of steps on both sides of the dam and then next to the steps, they had a grassy area that was mowed down and had some netting on it so that you could run up and down on the grass. I chose the grass. The stairs weren’t very steep and there was a lot of people on the stairs anyway. My goal going into this little workout, was to do 30 minutes of hills. I did the 30 minutes by God! It was rough though. I did 10 “laps” – up and down – the grassy hill, and then 3 sets, up and down, on the stairs. I have a feeling my calves will be yelling at me tomorrow.

IMAG0621[1] IMAG0622[1] IMAG0624[1]

After 30 minutes on this hill, I came home and did some arms and abs.


I was in the middle of some strength training when The Hus walked in from coming back from the park, so I got him involved and challenged him to try some of the exercises. He was struggling. ;) So he asked me to create some 20 minute strength workouts that he can start doing after he goes to the park. He wants to lose some weight, so this should help and give him some structure – which he needs. :) I’ll be sure to share the workouts with you once I make them up!

And that’s my life the last few days! :) Oh, and some spinach lasagna tonight that really hit the spot.


Now it’s catching up on season 3 of ‘Revenge’. :)

Hope your having a great week so far!

What did you do over the weekend? What’s your favorite show??